Cold sweat filled with the sweet aroma of fear and anxiety drips effortlessly down every inch of my clammy flesh. My legs seem to have lost all motor function as my dilated pupils widen at the figure standing before me. There is a lump in my throat in the form of a scream that can’t seem to find a way to escape as teardrops filled with memories of my life slide down my cheeks.

The stories I’ve been told were watered down at best. What stood before me was beyond my wildest nightmare, and I questioned the sanity of those who told me stories about it. It was far grimmer than what I initially thought. I didn’t believe the stories before. I laughed at all who fell onto the bandwagon of spewing details on their encounter with it, but in the end it’ll not be them or myself having the last laugh.

It stood before me, cloaked in the darkness akin to deep space. You couldn’t see the face of the hidden figure, but if you stared long enough at the open space of the front of its hood you can feel a pull. It was like a black hole sucking me in, pulling the very essence of life from my body, and it hurt. Yet, I still couldn’t move. It was like I was in a trance; hypnotized by the abyss standing before me only a few feet away.

My body started to burn, or it was burning. The events that were now taking place started to seep back in as I tried to pull all attention away from it. That was a mistake, but that was where I started to believe all those stories. Then I remembered that I was just in a car accident, and that I couldn’t move. There were blue and red lights flashing all around me, and loud sirens searing my ears.

Then there was the pain. Not only was my skin burning, but the smell of my own flesh brought the bile from my stomach to spill onto my burning shirt. My body being engulfed in flames was the last thing I remember before it pulled me back into its gaze. When the pain stopped I knew that I wouldn’t be one of those who would tell stories of the time I encountered death and then lived. Sometimes we have to see something in order to believe it.


via Daily Prompt: Believe


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