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Finished Series

Hi reapers and reapettes, I have officially ended the Cave of Wonders series. It was a long time coming, and I apologize for the long delay. But please be assured that there are many more delightful things coming your way once... Continue Reading →


For the Night: final part

I almost started drooling at the site of him. Hard well-defined muscles on smooth mocha enriched skin glistened in the light. Looking him up and down, my body respond with me spreading my legs giving him a view of the... Continue Reading →

Cave of Wonders: Final Part

With a huff, I turned to enter the cave, but not before catching a glimpse of a hare brustling about in the bushes. Sara was already ahead of me in the cave, so I crouched low and slow as to... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 5

Evidence of the previous night played out right in front of me. I remember going to bed early after crying over Gloria’s death. It wore me out. Not too long after I had gone to sleep, the camera on my... Continue Reading →

Misery’s Company

Here we both hunger for the same things, broken over the loneliness life brings, forever drowning in our sorrows, and hoping for more time to borrow. We have thought of bringing this to an end, but too afraid of what... Continue Reading →

For the Night: part one

Here I am sitting alone at this half full bar sipping on a watered down Old Fashioned not sure of what I want this night to become. After a week filled with challenges and obstacles that tore away at my... Continue Reading →

Messy Love

Tonight is the night that it would become unleashed. The desire I've held back from has created somewhat of a monster within that longs for nothing but the feel of your flesh. As we fumble to your apartment door, our... Continue Reading →

No Other

You're like no other with wine stained lips and a raspy voice. And when you break me, I still run back to you with no other choice. You're like a black hole, a magnet to nothing but pure destruction. But... Continue Reading →


I'm at my wit's end waiting for this nightmare to end and for happiness to begin but it all starts from within.   Not blinded by the light but drowning in the night looking for strength in this fight to... Continue Reading →

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