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Where the dark ones roam.

Panic Attack

It hits you when you least expect it. It'll scare you to death making you think that it's something it's not. You'll think, "Why is this happening," or "Where did this come from", but you know. All of the worrying... Continue Reading →


A Bad Heart: Part 8

After hanging up the phone, Clarissa put her car into drive, and took off for the labs. Her thoughts went back to Mr. Griffin and his apartment. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his responses to the various... Continue Reading →

Avoided Gaze

They say the eyes are a gateway to the soul. I believe in that saying as I have once viewed into the depth of a person's soul, and found it to be beautiful. But when that person gazed into mine's,... Continue Reading →

Ice Queen: Part 5

Schwoop! Ding! Melanie was just shutting down her computer at work when she received a text. In a rush to pick Trinity up from day care, she didn’t bother to glance at her phone. After gathering her things, she made... Continue Reading →

Once You’re Under

No one can ever prepare you for the moment of your death. Not the type many of us hope and dream of when we get to that old age where our bodies have finally called it quits in this life.... Continue Reading →

To The Beat

They watch our bodies move slowly to the beat. Sweat covering us from our head to our feet. Bodies intertwined, swaying with the music. And that song playing now will certainly do it. Slow grinding as if we're at home... Continue Reading →

Drink Up

Open up and take it in Let the poison dwell within. Swallow it down, feel the burn, And in a moment you will learn. That life is not all it seems and pain isn't all it brings. Soon you'll be... Continue Reading →

The Apartment Above: Final Part

I slowly made my way to the bathroom while aiming my phone’s light on the darkest parts of the room. When I walked in, I noticed how large it was compared to my own; although, the layouts were pretty much... Continue Reading →

In the Dark

Since the beginning of our arrival the questions of who we are, where we come from, what is the purpose of our life, and what happens after death still remains something we humans strive to answer. Science and religion has... Continue Reading →

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