Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.

Power of a Poet

Pen to paper, The real power lies In the formation of Words that will Draw from you Deep emotions.   Fingers to key, I type with the Audacity to extract What you don’t want To feel, and show you What... Continue Reading →

The Agony

Up the wall I crawl as I try to escape the wicked fate that lies beneath me. Nails ripped and torn from weary fingers as this feeble attempt to climb weaken me more. I can hear the sad loud wails... Continue Reading →

Odd One

She wasn't an ordinary girl, she was one that bordered along the lines of extraordinary. You would find that she was very composed during times that could get a little hairy. She did odd things here and there from coloring... Continue Reading →

Breathe Me In

Inhale me and taste the sweetness of me on your tongue. Take in this delectable aura filled with the ripeness of my spirit. Savor the fruitful workings of my mind in all its glory. Accept the inner beauty that leaps... Continue Reading →

The Twist

I always watched her from afar. She was beautiful up close, but there was something about viewing her from a distance. It was like she held this golden aura around her, and it seemed to brighten more with every smile.... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Door

One step, two step, three step, four. Something lies beyond my front door.   Five step, six step, seven and eight. I wonder who it is. It's gotten really late.   Nine step, ten step. Then a few more. I... Continue Reading →

No Type of Luck

Black cats and broken mirrors, some say I have the worst luck but life has never been more clearer.   Walking under ladders, purse on the floor I move ahead with no fear knowing that my bad luck is no... Continue Reading →

Big Hearts

We wear it on our sleeves, and we use it with all our might. We bare it to those we care for because we feel it is right. Always the one to get hurt and even through all the pain,... Continue Reading →

Black Wings

You crashed and burned before me as you were cast from the heavens for untold sins and selfishness. Your mighty wings blackened in front of my very eyes as crystallized tears caressed your face. You should have frightened me but... Continue Reading →

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