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Where the dark ones roam.

Death Do Us Part…

"You say you'll love me till death do us part,           But that's a saying you shouldn't take to heart.           Your soul was mine right from the very start.          Even... Continue Reading →


In The Night

I lie here at night just listening to their screams, hoping that all of this happens to be just a bad dream. Their blood curdling laughter plays throughout the night, causing me to shiver and hide beneath the covers with... Continue Reading →

Averted Gaze

Who is the person that stands before me now? The physical is recognizable, but there is something deeper that has changed. When I try to meet the eyes of the one before me, they look away as quickly. I wonder... Continue Reading →

Can’t Breathe

I can't breathe. The suffocation is real. Letting time pass by hoping I would heal. I can't breathe. I'm holding back tears. Always bottling them up hoping they would disappear. I can't breathe. Can't explain this pain. The words try... Continue Reading →

State of Mind

I need a release for this pent up frustration inside of me. There is so much there that you wouldn't even believe. The last few years have been nothing but bad luck. With no outlet to scream and feels... Continue Reading →


You can hear it in my voice, that pain and sorrow. And all I can think about is getting to tomorrow. Hoping that this pain I feel can slowly go away, even after my trust was broken earlier today. See... Continue Reading →

Panic Attack

It hits you when you least expect it. It'll scare you to death making you think that it's something it's not. You'll think, "Why is this happening," or "Where did this come from", but you know. All of the worrying... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 8

After hanging up the phone, Clarissa put her car into drive, and took off for the labs. Her thoughts went back to Mr. Griffin and his apartment. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his responses to the various... Continue Reading →

Avoided Gaze

They say the eyes are a gateway to the soul. I believe in that saying as I have once viewed into the depth of a person's soul, and found it to be beautiful. But when that person gazed into mine's,... Continue Reading →

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