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The Apartment Above: Final Part

I slowly made my way to the bathroom while aiming my phone’s light on the darkest parts of the room. When I walked in, I noticed how large it was compared to my own; although, the layouts were pretty much... Continue Reading →


In the Dark

Since the beginning of our arrival the questions of who we are, where we come from, what is the purpose of our life, and what happens after death still remains something we humans strive to answer. Science and religion has... Continue Reading →

Entry 357: Suffocation — sinisterdarksoul

Here's  a splendid poem by a fellow blogger and poet who's work reminds me of my own at times. I didn't want it to end, but like all things the end is inevitable. Make sure to visit Sinister's site: Sinister Dark... Continue Reading →

The Apartment Above: Part 1

There’s been something that I’ve been wanting to talk about for quite some time now. Recently I had moved into my own place on the third floor of an modern apartment building not far from the lake. I come from... Continue Reading →

As I Fall

  Catch me as I fall. Right before I hit the ground. I don't fear my death, no more than I crave you and your touch. So catch me as I fall. Wrap your generous arms around me Save me... Continue Reading →

Like Time

Check out a fellow poet whose work often inspires mine.  xo, Grim  Time is like a river Much like the road It goes on endlessly The screams of distant sins Echoing… Through pain & tears Jubilation & cheers Time keeps... Continue Reading →

Ice Queen: Part 4

Maria was sitting on the couch with Trinity watching Moana as Melanie exited her room fully dressed for her outing with Trevor. Her form fitted haltered black dress hung just below her knees, and her bronze gladiator heel sandals stopped... Continue Reading →

I’m Back

Hey loves, It's been a while since I've posted anything or have chatted with you all. I've just now settled in to my new apartment, and can get back to the regularly scheduled program. For those who've been with me... Continue Reading →

Blade In Hand

I'm sitting here once again at the edge of the bed with a knife in my hand. Struggling and fighting for this thing called life. Knowing what I want to do isn't right. Yet, here I am once again crying... Continue Reading →

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