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Real Slow

You grab my waist as we steadily move at a slow pace. Hoping that your walls will slowly melt away. Because Im ready to move at a faster pace and have my way. Our bodies intertwine as we move to... Continue Reading →

Out of the Dark

It is a scary thing to be pulled back into the dark dept you clawed your way out of so desperately. It is almost taboo to celebrate such a triumph when the fear of falling back into old habits threaten... Continue Reading →

Tendencies of the Toxic Me

I have a tendency to make up excuses. I have a tendency to close up when feeling emotionally distressed. I have a tendency to feel like a burden to others when I need to talk. I have a tendency to... Continue Reading →

Root of It All

For a while, there's been a deep ache lingering and weighing heavily on my chest. I've been avoiding socializing because I know those closest won't let me rest. They'll want to talk about it, and try to get to the... Continue Reading →


With every step, my heart pounds a little faster. Hoping that what's to come doesn't end in disaster. My soul yearns for even a small taste of what you can offer. And hoping that the love we share doesn't stop... Continue Reading →

A Little Update

Hello my ghouls, As some of you may have noticed, today is the first time I've posted on Grim's Crypt since April of this year. Inspiration and the desire to write weren't very prevalent as of late, but that's of... Continue Reading →

Break Free, Mental State

There's an epidemic going on...or that is what I tell myself. I come up with excuse after excuse on the state of my mental health. I've been feeling numb towards the goals I so desire. And become disappointed in my... Continue Reading →

Dark Things

I exhale a deep breath as I think about the darker days Where the monsters cry out from beneath where I lay The moaning and scratching I hear throughout the night And all the times I cowered under the covers... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 8

Ten minutes later, Tony and I were sitting at a local McDonald’s stuffing a double quarter pounder and some fries down our throats in silence. I knew the questions he wanted to ask, and knew that I would be a... Continue Reading →

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