It started happening the beginning of one week during the middle of the night when you’d find me typing away on my laptop. The knocking noises weren’t loud, but in the middle of the night there was dead silence so the noise appeared louder than what they really were. For a while, I would chalk it up to my neighbors’ headboard banging against the wall while having sex or the pipes in this old apartment building talking. I’d just ignore it and finish writing whatever story I was working on at the time.

One night that week, I couldn’t ignore it any longer. Not only were there the knocking sounds, but scratching noises had accompanied it as well. I remember looking behind me and seeing nothing but the white plastered walls that surrounded me. What was weird was the noises had stopped as soon as I looked, but resumed once I looked away. It was odd and creepy, that I can admit. Even with that thought I still went back to ignoring and typing away.

It was Friday night when I felt it; a menacing presence looming over my hunched figure as I worked through the hours of the night. Like the soft caress of a lover, I felt something go across the back of my neck. I jumped and turned around but nothing was there. The presence I felt had gone. I rubbed my eyes and decided it was my mind playing tricks on me because that night there was no sounds. After saving my working, I lay in bed and tried to ease my mind for a nice slumber. It was only when I had relaxed that the sounds started again.

With ease and grace I sat up swiftly with wide eyes looking around my dark room. The noises ceased but there was something else that replaced it. There was someone in the room with me. I felt the presence of another and heard its raspy breaths in the far corner of my room. Frightened, I couldn’t move or think of what to do or who it could be. The neighborhood I lived in was fairly safe and I stayed on the seventh floor of my building so a break in was impossible.

“Who’s there?” I asked like an idiot, my tone shaky.

There was no reply. My eyes had finally adjusted to the dark settings. I looked at the corner where the breathing was coming from and saw a tall dark figure. It was like a human shaped shadow sitting in the corner. You could see the white of its two eyes staring at me; it was then that I screamed. With no thought I ran for my bedroom door to escape, but its speed was far too fast for me and I ended up in its icy grasp. It pushed me to the floor and pressed its large frame into mine and made me face it.

Something long and hard pressed into the space between my legs. It spread me open and took me with force. Searing pain shot through my entire body as it rammed into me. The pounding lasted for some time and my screams were no longer permeating the air. Once this thing finished its business it opened my mouth. At first I thought it was going to suck out my soul, but it did something far worse. It entered me in its entirety. I remember the foul taste of its soul lingering on my tongue like the aftertaste of spoiled yogurt. Now we shared one body.

I was off work the next day and woke with a splitting headache and an ache between my legs. I thought of who I could call and tell, but there was no one. What would I say anyway? Defeated, I decided to continue writing my book, and an hour later I completed a novel that should have took me five more months to complete.

A few months later I was a best seller who traveled around to different book signings. I had also finished with three other books that I was waiting to get to my editor. The amount of money accumulated from the first book kept me and my family pretty content, but no one knew. No one knew what happened every single night when the dark being exits my body and rapes me. I remained quiet because it is the very reason why I excelled so quickly, and the reason why I had lost my voice. I could no longer speak.


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