Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.


Dark Poetry


I can see the trail your fingers left as you gently caressed my skin. The imprint of your hand on my jawline lingers from when you titled my head up to you. I can still feel the plushness of your... Continue Reading →


You see this mask? I wear it well. Who I am? I'll never tell. Call me petty but I love a good game. And I love a good farce all the same. Do you know now? No, you guessed wrong.... Continue Reading →

Escaping Pain

Thunderous roars of agony blaze across the empty room pounding against deathly walls closing in aiming for the pain Inside aching to get out and be released Years of torment reign within searching for an escape To be free to... Continue Reading →

No Qualms

I have no qualms about the past no matter how most of it was bad For it shaped me into the person you see today great and flawed in every single way I accept myself even if others do not... Continue Reading →

Bitter Taste

Lies spill from your lips with ease, Wonder if they leave a bitter taste like it does when I hear them. Does the flavor of misconception caresses your palate fruitfully like they once did with me? My taste buds no longer... Continue Reading →

On Fire

Let those flames lick my skin and send chills through my spin. Warm this cold soul up with hot kisses that'll singe me. The forbidden curves and angles of this form begs to be heated by your balmy hands. Set... Continue Reading →

The Craft

Her cackles echo throughout the night it's loud and bold and will give you a fright. She spit and mutters unrecognizable words as she grabs an eye and a handful of herbs She throws them in her cauldron and stir... Continue Reading →


Colorful words paint this blank page forcing provoked thoughts and unspoken desires. With the stroke of my pen I create a world from words that'll elevate your mind and soul. Let the images formed from syllables penetrate the deepest parts... Continue Reading →


    Binding ropes and cuffs keep me still as the sound of your voice gives me chills Bound and gagged with nothing in my view and all I feel is the very presence of you All I have is... Continue Reading →

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