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Dark Poetry


Your wandering eyes caressing a nice pair of thighs leaves scars inside me I can no longer hide. That wandering gaze when we're together latches on to the biggest asset of an any beautiful woman in your view. But here... Continue Reading →


I don't know what it means to cry... As soon as it feels like the dam has broken pride swallows and dries any tears that threaten to fall.  What made me this way?  Was it growing up having to dry... Continue Reading →

Stand Out, See Me

Invisible I am as I walk the heated streets of a bustling city. Tall as I am you'd think I'd stand out but I've long mastered invisibility. For the longest sunglasses and hoodies were the remedy so others couldn't see... Continue Reading →

The Wait

Here we are once more hiding under the bed and on the floor. Shivering in fear with tears in our eyes, no noise, just silent cries.   You enter and walk near the bed and in the pit of our... Continue Reading →

Mold for Another

You tell them to place a thinner arm here and one on the opposite side. And to remove the rolls on my sides because that's where your insecurities lie. They make my tummy flat and get rid of all the... Continue Reading →


At night when the moon is high in the sky and the trees are swaying in the wind, I think of you. It is when the whistling of the swaying trees and the howls of the restless wolves that I... Continue Reading →


I can see the trail your fingers left as you gently caressed my skin. The imprint of your hand on my jawline lingers from when you titled my head up to you. I can still feel the plushness of your... Continue Reading →


You see this mask? I wear it well. Who I am? I'll never tell. Call me petty but I love a good game. And I love a good farce all the same. Do you know now? No, you guessed wrong.... Continue Reading →

Escaping Pain

Thunderous roars of agony blaze across the empty room pounding against deathly walls closing in aiming for the pain Inside aching to get out and be released Years of torment reign within searching for an escape To be free to... Continue Reading →

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