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Dark Poetry


Every day is like the other Nothing is hardly ever the same but everything is. Routine soaked into days, minutes, and hours of nothing but the same feeling of nothingness. Purpose once held in the light now has faded into... Continue Reading →



These chains hold me back. They wrap around me constricting me of any movement, but what's worse are the ones around my throat. Disabling the words and screams echoing in my head their right to release into the world. Bound... Continue Reading →

Play House

Let's play house And spout lies and stories to each other in false bliss. Let's share secrets and rub each other's backs as we plot the other's demise. Let's give soft kisses and hold hands as we share made up... Continue Reading →

Touch Me

Touch me. With those golden hands, you'd melt me with just one graze of your flesh against mine. Take me higher. Be my maestro, orchestrate the sounds leaving me as pleasure takes hold. Play me. Like a flute you play... Continue Reading →

One Day

It is only at night where my mind find solace in the sheer thoughts of you. Like a film, images of you course through this restless mind. I find our memories comforting in your absence; although, you've only been gone... Continue Reading →

Mirror Mirror

You're a vision in a distorted mirror. I struggle just to see you clearer. A contorted face stares back at me With a smile filled with crooked teeth.   If I concentrate hard I know I'll see A regular face... Continue Reading →

Scent of You

With one intake I'm overwhelmed My lungs fill while my body quivers Taking in you in Filling me with your essence That divine fragrance of you Haunts me. So intoxicating and seductive I salivate at the thought The very thought... Continue Reading →


Your wandering eyes caressing a nice pair of thighs leaves scars inside me I can no longer hide. That wandering gaze when we're together latches on to the biggest asset of an any beautiful woman in your view. But here... Continue Reading →


I don't know what it means to cry... As soon as it feels like the dam has broken pride swallows and dries any tears that threaten to fall.  What made me this way?  Was it growing up having to dry... Continue Reading →

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