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Entry 357: Suffocation — sinisterdarksoul

Here's  a splendid poem by a fellow blogger and poet who's work reminds me of my own at times. I didn't want it to end, but like all things the end is inevitable. Make sure to visit Sinister's site: Sinister Dark... Continue Reading →


As I Fall

  Catch me as I fall. Right before I hit the ground. I don't fear my death, no more than I crave you and your touch. So catch me as I fall. Wrap your generous arms around me Save me... Continue Reading →

Like Time

Check out a fellow poet whose work often inspires mine.  xo, Grim  Time is like a river Much like the road It goes on endlessly The screams of distant sins Echoing… Through pain & tears Jubilation & cheers Time keeps... Continue Reading →

Blade In Hand

I'm sitting here once again at the edge of the bed with a knife in my hand. Struggling and fighting for this thing called life. Knowing what I want to do isn't right. Yet, here I am once again crying... Continue Reading →

Open Hand

I guess it's not enough for you to have your cake and eat it too. Shredding all sense of responsibility as you take advantage of... Take advantage of the kindness you're given with no shred of gratitude to give. Cutting... Continue Reading →


He ran from me as fast as he can In hopes he could escape my Never-lands. It didn't take long for him to understand his plight, That there is no escaping anywhere in sight. His soul is mine to do... Continue Reading →


Shattered pieces lay before me Of the person that I used to be. The facade of bliss had gone cold, withered down and grown old. And now you see the real me drenched in depression and anxiety. My smile slowly... Continue Reading →

Choke Me

  You force me against a wall, and from your hand, I choke But that ecstasy I feel course through us both. But for you it does something greater and my instincts are alerting me to danger. Your grasp goes... Continue Reading →


Can you imagine? The warmth from the sun hitting exposed flesh through sheer curtains as we dance between sheets. Can you imagine? The butterflies in your stomach as I whisper to you sweet things, and make you shutter with every... Continue Reading →

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