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Dark Poetry


I'm at my wit's end waiting for this nightmare to end and for happiness to begin but it all starts from within.   Not blinded by the light but drowning in the night looking for strength in this fight to... Continue Reading →


Entry 234: The Perfect Smile — sinisterdarksoul

Check out the poetry of one of my fellow bloggers. Also check out his blog:  Sinisterdarksoul.     I think I finally found it I’ve been searching all this time Ironically, it was found In a cold, dark place Somewhere it... Continue Reading →


Subspace. The only place where time and space seems to vacate reality. Suspended. Hanging from above, from the ceiling like a dove contained like a glove, I'm restrained. Masochism. A pinch here a smack there while in the air I... Continue Reading →


You thief, you fraud, you had me fooled. You coward, you swindler, you were so cool. You stole, you left, my chest with a hole. You ass, you prick, now I need to be consoled. You ran, you strayed, yet... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Love Making

  Oh how I miss those sounds. That sweat dripping from folds of flesh pounding in a synchronous motion to achieve something higher than reality. Those moans of pleasure echoing throughout, bouncing off of the surrounding walls leaving us more... Continue Reading →


Not enough to illuminate the late hours of the night. But was strong enough to cultivate this feeling so bright. So small that you can barely see but great enough to feel. This thing between me and thee can only... Continue Reading →


Every day is like the other Nothing is hardly ever the same but everything is. Routine soaked into days, minutes, and hours of nothing but the same feeling of nothingness. Purpose once held in the light now has faded into... Continue Reading →


These chains hold me back. They wrap around me constricting me of any movement, but what's worse are the ones around my throat. Disabling the words and screams echoing in my head their right to release into the world. Bound... Continue Reading →

Play House

Let's play house And spout lies and stories to each other in false bliss. Let's share secrets and rub each other's backs as we plot the other's demise. Let's give soft kisses and hold hands as we share made up... Continue Reading →

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