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Baked Goods, part 3

During the drive home, we were silent. His brows furrowed in deep thought, and I ran over the details of what he told me just moments earlier. Surely if Mr. Mueller took the results of the food to a lab,... Continue Reading →

Baked Goods, part 2

At first, I thought the article I found on the Fischer’s were just town gossip and conspiracy, but to see the same things happening here was too much of a coincidence. I needed to do more research. Plus, what happened... Continue Reading →

Baked Goods, part 1

The smell of baked goods and coffee awakens me almost at five in the morning every day since the new bakery around the corner opened up. The neighborhood we’re in is pretty small, and doesn’t have much traffic, but the... Continue Reading →


Everything seems so far away as I stare out into the vast lake. Leaves of browns, yellows, and reds dance around me from the soft caress of the wind that only leaves me with a chill. I come back to... Continue Reading →


A pounding headache awaits as I wake from my drunken slumber. The lawnmower my neighbor uses every Saturday morning sounds like thunder as I struggle to get my bearings. After several blinks, my vision clears, and the sun attacks my... Continue Reading →

Bad Hair

Distraught. It's the only word to describe this moment I am stuck in. For months, my hair has been falling out slowly. My doctor says it's just a side effect of my illness, and that once my medication starts working... Continue Reading →

A Winter Day

I thought today would have been another normal snowy day here in Chicago. Although it was cold, warmth filled me as I stared at the falling snow from my window. I had my favorite mug filled with hot cocoa in... Continue Reading →


The world seems to be a vast place filled with untold stories, unfound treasures, and endless adventures. From the cold lands of Antarctica, to the deepness of the mysterious ocean, the possibilities of encountering new places and knowledge is infinite.... Continue Reading →

Sinning For You

A sense of satisfaction swells within me everytime I see you smile Delighted in the fact that I can call you mine. Only mine. Jealousness fills my chest whenever your gaze shifts to another. But I can't help my own... Continue Reading →

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