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The Unborn

The Unborn: Final Part

Dr. Hoches was a sweet man, but most of what we covered involved me explaining how I felt towards myself after going through with an abortion, and doing the procedure on other women. It was a useless visit in my... Continue Reading →

The Unborn: Part 4

Trembling hands couldn’t dial Joanne fast enough. She picks up, but my voice no longer seems to be with me. “Hello? Jenna, are you there?” she asks. “Yes,” I squeak out. Without taking a breath or thinking I explain everything... Continue Reading →

The Unborn: Part 3

With the lack of sleep, it was pretty hard to get through the couple of surgeries I had today. Abortion is a simple process, but there are a lot of risks involved. Taking my time worked in my favor, and... Continue Reading →

The Unborn: Part 2

Silence and floating dust particles are all that I have to come home to. Taupe colored walls with various works of art are displayed, and surrounded by chocolate leather sofas and sage green curtains of the living room of my... Continue Reading →

The Unborn: Part 1

The winds shift their course causing them to whistle between the swaying trees of the night. Moonlight from the pale lunar circle in the sky crept between the blinds in the window of the hall I make my way down.... Continue Reading →

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