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Black Mass

I never thought it would grow to this size. All those negative emotions festering in the pit of my soul began to form a black mass settling right where my heart is supposed to be. Now I’m unsure what emotions... Continue Reading →


Distorted Voices: The Beginning of the End

He was as beautiful as any sunrise on a summer day. Long black locs caressed his shoulders as he held his head back and inhaled. His sun-kissed skin glistened creating a golden shimmer over exposed flesh. Tattoos of an intricate... Continue Reading →


"Look at them scatter before me in hopes of completing whatever task I ordered them to do. Milling about with smiles on their faces, but I'm sure that's because the last minion that frowned in my presence after being ordered... Continue Reading →

Closed Door

“They say when a door opens then so does a new opportunity. What of the locked doors you encounter? Would you take a chance to open it? What if the opportunity of a life time comes from behind a locked... Continue Reading →


"I've just about had it with her. My sister takes this being a witch thing too seriously, and it's starting to get out of hand. I was able to deal with her choice of clothing lately. Sure people see her... Continue Reading →

Crimson Leaf

"There it was sitting there untouched. That last piece of evidence the investigative team had left behind at the crime scene. I shake my head as I bend over and pick up the leaf to bag it with gloved hands.... Continue Reading →

Who and What

"We can always count on a monster for two things:  To be what they are.  To surprise us with actions outside of what they are.  Sometimes what we are is not who we are. Many confuse the two things." by... Continue Reading →

Until Then

"How many times must I put my heart on the line just to ensure it's inevitable destruction when all it really wants is to be cared for? I used to wallow in sorrow while feeling helpless and weak. One too... Continue Reading →


"We live in a world deprived of magic...well at least that's what I initially thought. When I saw you hanging high in the sky illuminating the dark canvas you laid upon I thought to myself, "Why haven't I noticed it... Continue Reading →

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