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Love of Storms

"When I fell for you it was like falling into a pit of fire. It burned and scorched me in ways I couldn't explain, and yet my skin remained unmarred. The only thing I could see and feel was the... Continue Reading →

Waiting to Exhale

"We sat there and stared at each other with breaths held. It had been years since we let out a breath, but at that moment I let it go. Tears formed in your eyes as you stared at my expanding... Continue Reading →

Little Fears

"Ever wonder about that noise you hear late at night while you lay alone in your bed surrounded by nothing but the dark? That knocking noise that sounds so close yet far away at the same time? I'm sure at... Continue Reading →


I waited with bated breath for the consequences of my actions to go against me in the form called Karma. The things I've done in the past has slowly started to creep into the present in a series of unfortunate... Continue Reading →

Sea Witch

"With the sea at your command you beckon the waves to crash upon our land. We've killed many of your brethren with our oils and plastic seeping into your bountiful home. We maim and collect many of your loved one's... Continue Reading →

Let It All Out

Shout, shout! Let it all out! That voice of the ones singing that song rings great inside me head. Telling me to expunge the emotions that are kept bottled. Fear won't let me, and my mind plays tricks on me... Continue Reading →

Unzipped Lips

Silenced screams can still be heard through zipped lips. You can try to quiet the wicked and the bold, and force us to stop spewing truths from our mouths. You can't. Just because you can't handle your truth and the... Continue Reading →

Fray of the Moonlight Night

"You watch as this nimble fingers course their way through the different fixtures and buttons riddled on your blouse. One by one they come apart exposing measures of golden flesh that radiates from the sheen of your sweat and the... Continue Reading →

Night Games

"He sat there perched on the edge of the roof scanning the dark area ahead of where she was treading. The street lights in that area were out, but with a flick of his finger he made sure that any... Continue Reading →

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