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A Bad Heart

A Bad Heart: Part 5

Evidence of the previous night played out right in front of me. I remember going to bed early after crying over Gloria’s death. It wore me out. Not too long after I had gone to sleep, the camera on my... Continue Reading →


A Bad Heart: Part 4

When I got to the homeless shelter my supervisor immediately pulled me to the side. He told me of what occurred outside the shelter last night with tears in his eyes. We walked over to where a couple of cops... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 3

It’s now months later and I haven’t heard anything from the cops. I did a fair good job of the cleaning; I’m just hoping that nothing leads back to me while I figure out what is going on. A violent... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 2

Panic surged from my core to my throat as I frantically looked at everything that was covered in blood. Thoughts of the night before played through my mind, but there was no evidence of what happened after I fell asleep.... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 1

When I was born I was diagnosed with having a bad heart. For as long as I can remember, there were a lot of things in life that I had missed out on especially in my childhood. I never had... Continue Reading →

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