Oh how I miss those sounds.

That sweat dripping from

folds of flesh pounding in a

synchronous motion to achieve

something higher than reality.

Those moans of pleasure echoing

throughout, bouncing off of the

surrounding walls leaving us

more aroused than touch.

Yes that touch.

Not just from the eager gripping

of sweaty palms grazing ever inch

of curvaceous skin, but the smacking

against plump flesh in its glory.

Oh and that sound here…

The one where chocolate bodies fold

and meld into a beastly position

of folded limbs and hip thrusts.

Where that smacking from back to front

flesh meet at tremendous speeds to gain

such a euphoric mean of release.

Oh how I miss those…

Sounds of love making.

Those wet noises…

You can’t tell the difference,

is that from the pooling between

mountainous thighs?

Or those lips on either face

meeting and dancing

in a state of ecstasy?

Damn those sounds…

The sounds of love making.


Image: iStock by Getty Images

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