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Who’s Knocking At My Door?

Rat, tat, tat The clock strikes twelve Rat, tat, tat Opens a portal to hell Rat, tat, tat Hear the night's cackle Rat, tat, tat Demons bound in shackles Rat, tat, tat Comes a knock at the door Rat, tat,... Continue Reading →

Soul Eater

Tears fall from my wide eyes as an indescribable pain shot throughout my body. It feels like thousands of needles are pricking my skin as pale cold hands hold me still. Paralyzed, the only thing I can do is wait... Continue Reading →

They Told Me To Believe

Cold sweat filled with the sweet aroma of fear and anxiety drips effortlessly down every inch of my clammy flesh. My legs seem to have lost all motor function as my dilated pupils widen at the figure standing before me.... Continue Reading →

Alleyways: Part 1

You always hear those chilling tales filled with horror and gore in places like an abandoned hospital or asylum. Stories told time and time again about a murder in a house, or maybe at one of the parks around your... Continue Reading →

Bay Daze Bane: Part 2

Every dream that I have had since drinking Bay Daze Bane has started off bright and pleasant, but not last night. It started with me walking down a dark alley while the moon sat high in the sky. There were... Continue Reading →

The Wait

Here we are once more hiding under the bed and on the floor. Shivering in fear with tears in our eyes, no noise, just silent cries.   You enter and walk near the bed and in the pit of our... Continue Reading →

Am I Dead?

A couple of years ago I had surgery on my abdomen to remove my gallbladder. It was the first surgery that I’ve had excluding my wisdom teeth removal. I was informed by the surgeon and my doctor of the entire... Continue Reading →


She said, "Come with me," and I said, "No, there is no telling where this path goes."   She called me a coward, and went on her way. It's this spot where I'll stand and it's this spot where I'll... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop

Feet pounding against the ground frantic eyes looking all around for something that may be behind, but it all could be in my mind.   There's nothing there but my gut's telling me not to give up. Is there something... Continue Reading →

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