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A pounding headache awaits as I wake from my drunken slumber. The lawnmower my neighbor uses every Saturday morning sounds like thunder as I struggle to get my bearings. After several blinks, my vision clears, and the sun attacks my... Continue Reading →


Impatience is ever growing as I inch closer to you Salivating, I long for just a taste of your supple flesh Ripe and plump, I need you to appease my hunger With every caress placed upon your skin, you pinken... Continue Reading →

Wet Dream

Bubbles dress my naked body as I lie in a pool of lavender scented water. Suds escape into the air, floating with no sense of direction, dissipating once it has reached its lifespan. The soft light of burning candles flicker... Continue Reading →

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days where I couldn’t continue to pretend to be the bubbly person everyone wants me to be. Hiding the pain behind a smiling mask filled with fake energy to avoid those unwanted questions. Are you... Continue Reading →

Late Night Release

Our bodies intertwine like a figure eight knot I feel you deep within hitting my favorite spot Gripping your thighs as we slowly continue to rock Pressure building to where now I don't want you to stop In and out,... Continue Reading →

Real Slow

You grab my waist as we steadily move at a slow pace. Hoping that your walls will slowly melt away. Because Im ready to move at a faster pace and have my way. Our bodies intertwine as we move to... Continue Reading →

Just A Little More

I want just a little bit more... Enough to make my spirit soar. Just give me a little bit more... To make me tremble from my core. Just a little bit more... Before my voice becomes hoarse. So just give... Continue Reading →

To The Beat

They watch our bodies move slowly to the beat. Sweat covering us from our head to our feet. Bodies intertwined, swaying with the music. And that song playing now will certainly do it. Slow grinding as if we're at home... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Ecstasy

Small tendrils of bead clustered lights flow from my skin as you slowly caress me with long fingers. Chills trail down the small of my back as I ache with longing for more than just your touch. You answer my... Continue Reading →

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