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A Little Update

Hello my ghouls, As some of you may have noticed, today is the first time I've posted on Grim's Crypt since April of this year. Inspiration and the desire to write weren't very prevalent as of late, but that's of... Continue Reading →

I’m Back

Hey loves, It's been a while since I've posted anything or have chatted with you all. I've just now settled in to my new apartment, and can get back to the regularly scheduled program. For those who've been with me... Continue Reading →

Betrayal from Within

I lied to myself for so many years thinking I had conquered depression, and the negative thoughts that seem to plague my mind every now and again. The sense of being wrong was not strong enough to portray the feelings... Continue Reading →

About Me

Hi reapers, Recently I've been stalking my own blog trying to figure out if there is anything that I want changed or updated. After reading through my About section on Grim's Crypt, I realized that you all may not know me... Continue Reading →

Night Terror or Nightmare?

Something recent happened to me that I’ve been wanting to share for a while. It took place this past Thursday night and has left me with a lot of anxiety. So much that I didn’t go back to sleep that... Continue Reading →

Finished Series

Hi reapers and reapettes, I have officially ended the Cave of Wonders series. It was a long time coming, and I apologize for the long delay. But please be assured that there are many more delightful things coming your way once... Continue Reading →

A New Series

Hey ghouls and reapers, Lately I have been a little blocked creatively, and haven't been writing like I should be. As you know, writer's block isn't anything new. We all experience some sort of blockage on our creative paths whether... Continue Reading →

Again with the Updates

Grim here giving you all yet another update in regards to Grim's Crypt. I have just created a Facebook page to further my reach to more readers, writers, and other artists. What made me do this? Well I recently had... Continue Reading →


Hi all, I just recently posted a poem that was all doom and gloom. I haven't properly vented to anyone; although, there are many people I have spoken to. I haven't been writing like I used to in the past... Continue Reading →

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