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A New Series

Hey ghouls and reapers, Lately I have been a little blocked creatively, and haven't been writing like I should be. As you know, writer's block isn't anything new. We all experience some sort of blockage on our creative paths whether... Continue Reading →


Again with the Updates

Grim here giving you all yet another update in regards to Grim's Crypt. I have just created a Facebook page to further my reach to more readers, writers, and other artists. What made me do this? Well I recently had... Continue Reading →


Hi all, I just recently posted a poem that was all doom and gloom. I haven't properly vented to anyone; although, there are many people I have spoken to. I haven't been writing like I used to in the past... Continue Reading →

Terror of the Imagination

On a hot and humid I met something wicked. I was lucky enough to not have been killed by it, but it’ll forever be ingrained in my mind. That night, again, was a hot and humid one regardless of the... Continue Reading →


Hi all, Grim here again giving you all some updates. It's been a while since I've posted anything, but no worries. Lately I have been experiencing a little bit of writer's block and so I haven't been able to share... Continue Reading →

I’m Back

Hi all. I just wanted to let you know that I am officially off hiatus. I was in the process of moving and didn't have the time to write and post anything here at Grim's Crypt. I look forward to... Continue Reading →

Am I Dead?

A couple of years ago I had surgery on my abdomen to remove my gallbladder. It was the first surgery that I’ve had excluding my wisdom teeth removal. I was informed by the surgeon and my doctor of the entire... Continue Reading →


Hi all, I wanted to share with you all a fellow writer who’s story sent great chills down my spin. I’m a sucker for fellow horror writers, and this story “Sprint” had me trembling as I read it. Definitely a story worth sharing during a late night talk with friends. Please read and check out his website at Matthew.


It was a sad, uneventful Saturday night. I was supposed to be out of the flat by seven, but my friend decided last minute that she had better company to keep than my own. I’d had speculations that there was a new boy involved, so I wrote it off as a onetime thing and let her get on with it without a second thought. Instead I fed myself and my cat, Ludwig, some leftover chicken from the day before, and fell asleep on the couch to some serial killer documentary from the 90’s – something about rope, a plastic bag…Texas…

I woke up just before midnight to a dull pounding and Ludwig scratching at the door. The sun had been set for a while, leaving the room choked of light. If it wasn’t for the television, I would have been in complete darkness. Instead, all I saw were silent images…

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That Dark Looming Cloud

It haunts me. No matter where I go, no matter where I turn it is there. It looms over me like a dark cloud just waiting to release the wrath of its storm when I least expect it. I can... Continue Reading →

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