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Baked Goods, part 1

The smell of baked goods and coffee awakens me almost at five in the morning every day since the new bakery around the corner opened up. The neighborhood we’re in is pretty small, and doesn’t have much traffic, but the... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 8

Ten minutes later, Tony and I were sitting at a local McDonald’s stuffing a double quarter pounder and some fries down our throats in silence. I knew the questions he wanted to ask, and knew that I would be a... Continue Reading →

Ice Queen: Part 6

Only a couple of days have passed since she saw Trevor last. He has not contacted her, and she had not contacted him until last night when she texted him about meeting for lunch. Nervousness shot through her as she... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 7

“Home is where the heart is, and there’s no love here. You bite me, stalk me, kidnap me, beat me, sexually harass me, and then tell me I have no choice in the matter. Then you select me to be... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 8

After hanging up the phone, Clarissa put her car into drive, and took off for the labs. Her thoughts went back to Mr. Griffin and his apartment. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his responses to the various... Continue Reading →

Ice Queen: Part 5

Schwoop! Ding! Melanie was just shutting down her computer at work when she received a text. In a rush to pick Trinity up from day care, she didn’t bother to glance at her phone. After gathering her things, she made... Continue Reading →

Ice Queen: Part 4

Maria was sitting on the couch with Trinity watching Moana as Melanie exited her room fully dressed for her outing with Trevor. Her form fitted haltered black dress hung just below her knees, and her bronze gladiator heel sandals stopped... Continue Reading →

Ice Queen: Part 3

Melanie blows out a puff of frustration as she texts her boss that she’ll be a few minutes late to the meeting. After reassuring her that she is well prepared for the expense report she put together for Mr. Cormack,... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 7

It's been two weeks now since Roger’s murder, and since finding out that the man’s heart I have belongs to a murderous corrupt cop from Chicago. Roger’s murder was sloppy, and I thought that the cops would be on me... Continue Reading →

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