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The Change

The Change: Part 8

Ten minutes later, Tony and I were sitting at a local McDonald’s stuffing a double quarter pounder and some fries down our throats in silence. I knew the questions he wanted to ask, and knew that I would be a... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 7

“Home is where the heart is, and there’s no love here. You bite me, stalk me, kidnap me, beat me, sexually harass me, and then tell me I have no choice in the matter. Then you select me to be... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 6

“Wake up, sleepy head,” a voice taunted.   I couldn’t quite place whose voice it was, but it pulled me out of my unconsciousness. Immediately, I regretted opening my eyes as Declan stared down at me. The dull ache throughout... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 5

I’m not certain as to how long I was out, but when I woke the surroundings were unfamiliar. Once my vision cleared, I was able to make out the room that I was in. The bed I laid in was... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 4

His long black locks were held in a ponytail at the base of his neck, his Armani suit looked freshly pressed as he stood there looking up at me with stormy eyes. To the human eye, it would look like... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 3

I woke with a startle, and checked my phone to find that it’s now three in the afternoon. In the dream, after I was attacked everything went black, and although I had that nightmare I still feel well rested. I... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 2

There were visions of bodies being mutilated and torn apart while the howls of a wolf echoed through the sullen night. Scattered body parts of men, women, and children were splayed out in front of me as I started drowning... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 1

It’s cold and dreary as I walk the cold stone path that goes through the industrialized area of the Pilsen neighborhood. There isn’t another soul in site except for the occasional scurry of a rat crossing my path. I look... Continue Reading →

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