I always watched her from afar. She was beautiful up close, but there was something about viewing her from a distance. It was like she held this golden aura around her, and it seemed to brighten more with every smile. For a while, I followed and watched her for thrills. That’s until I fell for her.


Every day I’d follow her to work. She’d say excuse me to those who bumped into her or just weren’t very nice period. Her coworkers were a bunch of assholes that always dumped their work on her, sit on their asses, and claim all the credit. Still she smiled and took it all in strides filled with positivity. It always angered me to not see her stand up for herself, but it made me respect her.


Every night after work she’d have this routine. A book would be in her hands while she dined on the food she made and sip on a glass of red wine. You could see the contentment etched in her smile lines as she enjoyed dinner. Afterwards I’d watch her shower. That was my favorite part of the night; just watching those entire dark red tendrils cascade down her curved back against olive skin. She’d finish and slip into a gown and grab her laptop.


I never knew what she did each night as she laid in bed with her computer in her lap. After a few moments I’d see her smile at whatever she was watching, and then she’d put it up and go to sleep. It was after a while that I grew curious as to what she saw every night on her computer. There were feelings that stirred within me that I never experienced before. What if she was talking to a guy online? I started asking questions like that to myself.


For some time later, I began devising a plan as to how to enter her apartment while she was away. There was something on that computer that I knew I had to see. The feeling only grew stronger throughout my planning. I’d still follow her around and watch her, until one day she looked me dead in the eyes. Panic started to surge throughout me. Did she know?


But the way she looked at me was as if she was looking past me, so the panic eased. It started to feel like any other day when I noticed her coming to her office window. She looked right at the area I typically stand and hide at when she was at work. I knew she couldn’t see me, but her doing something so out of the norm threw me off a little. I knew something was wrong when she smiled and went back to her seat.


The rest of the day was as normal as all the others. She was sitting and eating her dinner while enjoying her book. I waited until it was almost time for her to take her shower to enter the apartment. It was dark, but I knew my way around. I could hear the sweet serene sound of her voice along with running water as I crept my way to her bedroom.


Her laptop was open and unlocked. My heart dropped into my stomach as I saw what was on the footage. Fear loomed in my throat and I feared I’d give away that I was in her apartment.


“I’ve been waiting for you,” says a voice from behind.


My body twisted around so fast that I almost gave myself whiplash. There she was standing at the foot of her bedroom door with a see-through purple negligee and a gun in her hand. Her red hair was still wet from the shower, but it didn’t stop her tendrils from curling up and creating a very sultry look on her. Her pink nipples were standing at attention and the look in her eyes was more sinister than lust-filled.


“I’ve been watching you watch me for a while now. It turned me on knowing how attentive and dedicated you are,” she says as she slowly walks towards me with the gun pointed at my face.


Now she stands in front of me and glances at the computer behind. Footage from today was playing across the screen. There was a camera that she hid in every spot I watched her from. I didn’t know how she got them there, but she had been watching me as long as I had been watching her.


“I…I..,” I stutter. Not knowing what to say as I never fathomed to be in this situation. You would think that I’d be happy in this situation, but I’m terrified. Something seemed off.


“You don’t need to talk,” she says. I can smell the strong scent of strawberries wafting off her curly tendrils and she leans forward to kiss me on my neck.


“I’ve been waiting for this day. You’re the only man I’ve wanted in a long time Drew.”


My eyes widened at the fact she knew my name. She started unbuttoning my pants with one hand as the gun was held to my head. I feel betrayed by my body as my lower anatomy salutes her touch while inside I fear for my life. I feel tears falling down my cheeks as she straddles me and stirs with a rhythm.


Hearing the gun shot go off as she yelled in ecstasy was the last thing I heard.


Image: by JVRenderer

The inspiration for this was kind of random, yet the meaning behind why I had wrote this isn’t. For those who have noticed, I haven’t posted in a while. It was this past weekend where my apartment was broken into. I’m ok. I wasn’t home at the time luckily. Although I wasn’t there, it didn’t stop me from feeling completely violated, and feel like I no longer have control of my life. My anxiety and stress levels are high, and I haven’t been sleeping properly. I’ll be back to normal in time, but I had to do something to help me gain control. This story is my way of gaining back my strength. The woman in the story was my way of taking back control over a situation that could have been worse, could have rendered me to feel helpless in a way, but instead took control and changed the outcome. It may not make sense to most, but it makes sense to me. I’ll be back to sharing stories and poetry with you all. Thanks for listening…reading…well being here, and hope you enjoyed the story!