Here you’ll explore Grim’s Crypt: a blog filled with dark poetry, tales, and short stories that are clandestine, sinister, erotic, and imaginative. You won’t only find the work on Mistress Grim Angel’s work, but also the work of fellow bloggers and artists. Works of poetry, stories, and images from other artist can be found in different areas of Grim’s Crypt. If you’re into the fanatical, the horrific, the dark, the lustful, and the strange then Grim hopes to see you all here.


Grim Angel, Kaleya, is a queer black woman from the south side of Chicago. Her niche is suspense, thriller, erotica, and horror; however, she has written projects covering other genres as well. Most of her work are of short stories and poems, but she one day hopes to publish a number of books. She loves being unique and herself, and loves when others are the same. When others find it difficult to be themselves, she create a safe space where they can truly be who they are in a society where conformity is the standard.