Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.



Soul Eater

Tears fall from my wide eyes as an indescribable pain shot throughout my body. It feels like thousands of needles are pricking my skin as pale cold hands hold me still. Paralyzed, the only thing I can do is wait... Continue Reading →

Averted Gaze

Who is the person that stands before me now? The physical is recognizable, but there is something deeper that has changed. When I try to meet the eyes of the one before me, they look away as quickly. I wonder... Continue Reading →

Avoided Gaze

They say the eyes are a gateway to the soul. I believe in that saying as I have once viewed into the depth of a person's soul, and found it to be beautiful. But when that person gazed into mine's,... Continue Reading →

Once You’re Under

No one can ever prepare you for the moment of your death. Not the type many of us hope and dream of when we get to that old age where our bodies have finally called it quits in this life.... Continue Reading →

Hold Your Breath

I'm not good at swimming. Mainly because I can never hold my breath for more than ten seconds, but now it seems like minutes have passed since I have yet to gasp for air. Sheer terror has a grip on... Continue Reading →


My hands are around my throat as I am flipping and shaking around on the ground like a fish out of water. I can't breathe, and I can feel a burn in my lungs growing. There's a lump of food... Continue Reading →

Sweet Like Candy

"Trick or treat, give me something good to eat," I sing at the bedroom doorway with my lace lingerie on. It is Halloween, and instead of dressing up and hitting the bars like we do every year we decided to... Continue Reading →

The Fireplace

The crackling of the fire burning had replaced the screams that were echoing throughout the living room. The silence was so loud that any thoughts you had would be drowned out, but who could think after what happened. A group... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Ecstasy

Small tendrils of bead clustered lights flow from my skin as you slowly caress me with long fingers. Chills trail down the small of my back as I ache with longing for more than just your touch. You answer my... Continue Reading →

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