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Isabella: Final Part

I dried my fake tears and carefully grabbed my phone remembering the poison that I coated the sharp points of the small sculpture there. I quickly checked the weather to make sure that the storm was going to hit soon.... Continue Reading →

Isabella: Part 4

Stella liked to read and in her room were a number of dusty old books on a shelf. One was actually the trip to a secret door behind the mirror that was sitting on one of the walls. If you... Continue Reading →

Isabella: Part 3

It was only a week later when Perdi was released from the hospital. During that time I finally experienced what peace felt like during their absence; Stella and Prudence stayed with Perdi while the doctors did surgeries to help mend... Continue Reading →

Isabella: Part 2

I graduated from high school on my eighteenth birthday. I walked across the stage with no loved ones or friends to cheer me on, but I still walked across proud of how far I had come. Once the ceremony was... Continue Reading →

Isabella: Part 1

Ring around a rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down. That childhood song played through my mind as I stare at the blazing inferno in front of me. Memories of a morbid childhood roll before... Continue Reading →

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