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Impatience is ever growing as I inch closer to you Salivating, I long for just a taste of your supple flesh Ripe and plump, I need you to appease my hunger With every caress placed upon your skin, you pinken... Continue Reading →

Sinning For You

A sense of satisfaction swells within me everytime I see you smile Delighted in the fact that I can call you mine. Only mine. Jealousness fills my chest whenever your gaze shifts to another. But I can't help my own... Continue Reading →


I nearly faint as I gaze upon an unfamiliar face With a confused expression so out of place It doesn't look like me, but me it certainly is Trying to understand it like a arduous math quiz The contour of... Continue Reading →

Tick Tock

Tick tock, tick tock The clock on the wall echoes through the silence Counting down the seconds, minutes, hours That maddening chime making me clearly aware Of how time will always push forward Tick tock, tick tock That sound beating... Continue Reading →

Under the Moon’s Glow

I feel a slow burn building within Tightening my muscles, hurting my skin I stare at the sky knowing what's about to begin The unfurling of desires filled with sin My body contorts, I hunch over in pain I fall... Continue Reading →

Late Night Release

Our bodies intertwine like a figure eight knot I feel you deep within hitting my favorite spot Gripping your thighs as we slowly continue to rock Pressure building to where now I don't want you to stop In and out,... Continue Reading →

As You Lie

Here I find you lying in wait Amongst the rocks of a stream leading to the lake. You're a sight to be seen with your crystal blue eyes intently gazing upon me. The strands of your black locks flail in... Continue Reading →


Foggy by Grim Angel


Sick by Grim Angel

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