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short stories

Baked Goods, part 3

During the drive home, we were silent. His brows furrowed in deep thought, and I ran over the details of what he told me just moments earlier. Surely if Mr. Mueller took the results of the food to a lab,... Continue Reading →

Baked Goods, part 2

At first, I thought the article I found on the Fischer’s were just town gossip and conspiracy, but to see the same things happening here was too much of a coincidence. I needed to do more research. Plus, what happened... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 7

“Home is where the heart is, and there’s no love here. You bite me, stalk me, kidnap me, beat me, sexually harass me, and then tell me I have no choice in the matter. Then you select me to be... Continue Reading →

Cabin Trip

Nights like these often remind me of the time my family and I traveled up to my grandparent’s cabin one summer. It was a sunny day filled with clear skies and no pollution. My parents and I lived in the... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Creature

It appeared before me just a couple of days ago. I was sitting at my computer finishing up the last chapter of this novel I’m writing when something in my peripheral moved. At first I didn’t check to see what... Continue Reading →

Isabella: Part 4

Stella liked to read and in her room were a number of dusty old books on a shelf. One was actually the trip to a secret door behind the mirror that was sitting on one of the walls. If you... Continue Reading →

The Girl in the Pale Blue Dress: Final Part

Ivory bones of all shapes and sizes littered the floor of the area I crashed into. Dust filled my hyperventilating lungs at an alarming rate causing a coughing fit. The smell of rot permeated the air, and I couldn’t help... Continue Reading →

The Girl in the Pale Blue Dress: Part 5

I made plans for this weekend to travel back to my hometown. Every night this week the little girl failed to show up, but there was a lingering presence near that I felt. At one point I heard help me... Continue Reading →

The Bad Apple: Final Part

Instead of putting on her boots, she picked them up and headed to the door. It felt as if someone else was controlling my body as my long legs moved towards her with one stride before pinning her against the... Continue Reading →

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