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Hell’s Sales Pitch

With a snap of your slender fingers, I am yours to command. Anything you want can be obtained at your demand. From riches to fame, there is nothing out of my reach. Just give me your soul, and lay claim... Continue Reading →

Corner Of My Eye

After a long search and a boost of confidence from this glass of whiskey sitting next to me, I've finally found the courage to post about my troubles. A week ago, I found this very forum in which I had... Continue Reading →

Just A Little More

I want just a little bit more... Enough to make my spirit soar. Just give me a little bit more... To make me tremble from my core. Just a little bit more... Before my voice becomes hoarse. So just give... Continue Reading →

Can You Feel It?

Can you feel it? That breeze That slips between Our colliding bodies. Ever so slightly. As you hold me tightly. No loosening grips Just the swaying of hips. The connecting of lips... Can you hear it? Our lovely moans And... Continue Reading →

Noise in the Closet

I’m what many people would consider a “light sleeper.” Any amount of noise around me would awaken me effortlessly, and it’s the main reason I walk around with raccoon eyes. I’ve been to the doctor many times to see if... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 3

I woke with a startle, and checked my phone to find that it’s now three in the afternoon. In the dream, after I was attacked everything went black, and although I had that nightmare I still feel well rested. I... Continue Reading →


Silence. Nothing is more deafening. You search for even the dripping of water from a faucet Just to escape your own echoing thoughts in this Silence. Palpable and frightening they are, Those thoughts you drowned out with sound. Now there... Continue Reading →


I'm at my wit's end waiting for this nightmare to end and for happiness to begin but it all starts from within.   Not blinded by the light but drowning in the night looking for strength in this fight to... Continue Reading →

Waiting to Exhale

"We sat there and stared at each other with breaths held. It had been years since we let out a breath, but at that moment I let it go. Tears formed in your eyes as you stared at my expanding... Continue Reading →

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