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The world seems to be a vast place filled with untold stories, unfound treasures, and endless adventures. From the cold lands of Antarctica, to the deepness of the mysterious ocean, the possibilities of encountering new places and knowledge is infinite.... Continue Reading →

In the Dark

Since the beginning of our arrival the questions of who we are, where we come from, what is the purpose of our life, and what happens after death still remains something we humans strive to answer. Science and religion has... Continue Reading →

Choke Me

  You force me against a wall, and from your hand, I choke But that ecstasy I feel course through us both. But for you it does something greater and my instincts are alerting me to danger. Your grasp goes... Continue Reading →

Cloaked Figures

One night I stayed up until the sun rose just to see if they would still be there. Three cloaked figures stood outside my home, and even though their faces were hidden I knew they were watching me watch them.... Continue Reading →

Alleyways: Final Part

Like anything that happens in the news, it gets drowned out by other things happening. Yet this case always came back up as more horror stories appeared in the news. A few months ago, there was a thirteen-year-old girl who... Continue Reading →

They Told Me To Believe

Cold sweat filled with the sweet aroma of fear and anxiety drips effortlessly down every inch of my clammy flesh. My legs seem to have lost all motor function as my dilated pupils widen at the figure standing before me.... Continue Reading →

Sea Witch

"With the sea at your command you beckon the waves to crash upon our land. We've killed many of your brethren with our oils and plastic seeping into your bountiful home. We maim and collect many of your loved one's... Continue Reading →


"It was too late now. I've never noticed it before; that looming presence I always felt around, I mistook for my overactive imagination. The medications had turned me numb to the likes of your kind, at least that what I... Continue Reading →

Bang Bang

I told you not to lie to me or cheat. Now you lie bloody beneath my feet. From the beginning I told you what I wouldn't take. And I warned you ahead of time for your sake. You didn't listen... Continue Reading →

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