Every morning there is a beverage most individuals like to start their day with. A nice cup of coffee gives many the calming effect needed to start a busy day, but not for me. My choice of poison in the morning is tea. I’m not a stickler for any type of tea as I enjoy all kinds, flavors, and variations; however, I am a huge fan of black teas. It just helps me start my morning off right.


Recalling when I started drinking tea in the morning as opposed to coffee is something I can’t quite say. What I do know is that I’ve been drinking it for so long that it has become a habit. Without my cup in the morning my days really don’t turn out too well. You could say that it helps set my mindset for the rest of the day.


I usually go visit China Town in my city or go to David’s Tea shop for my teas, but I’ve been wanting to branch out for a while. I recently had broken my foot after dropping a large can of beans on it, and since I do most of my work here at home there wasn’t much need to go out.


One fine day I noticed that I was out my favorite black tea, so I decided to do a little tea shopping online. After an hour of looking through different sites I decided to try something a little different. There was this type of black tea called Bay Daze Bane, and it recommends to drink the tea right before bed and you’ll feel refreshed in the morning.


Oh what the hell, I thought to myself. I got it and it was delivered to me the next day. I was excited to try it out and see if it’ll be a great add to my collection of teas. The box was just plain looking: All black with the regular product information and nutrition value. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When I opened it the smell was the same as Earl Grey tea with a hint of something I couldn’t place.


An hour before bed, as suggested in the directions, I brewed and had a cup. Sometimes I’d like to have a bit of honey or milk, but I just drank this straight to grasp the full taste of it alone. The taste was better than any black tea I’ve tried before, and then dozed off satisfied.


The dream I had felt so realistic that night. I was walking along shore a black sand beach with my hands entwined with a beautiful man. The sun was beaming down on us, the coldness of the waves splashed against our feet as we listened to the seagulls flying above. All was well, and I never felt more content in a dream.


The next morning, I woke up sore as if I had truly been walking all day at the beach. The lingering touch of the man’s hand I had been holding was still present, and sweat was falling from my forehead as if I was truly in the sun. The more shocking thing was that I was completely refreshed and energized like I’ve never been before.


The next few days of trying the tea resulted the same way. I’d have some realistic dream and wake up the next morning with lingering sensations and energy. Ecstatic, I couldn’t wait until bed time came. My days were filled with work and errands that were completed in record time even though I was on crutches.


Although most of my experiences with this tea had been amazing, this morning I decided to throw the tea out. Last night something terrible occurred and I’ll forever bare the marks to prove it. Something else was off with me as well. It was sort of something straight out of a movie. It was so terrifying that I wouldn’t even consider it a nightmare.



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