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Erotic Poetry


Impatience is ever growing as I inch closer to you Salivating, I long for just a taste of your supple flesh Ripe and plump, I need you to appease my hunger With every caress placed upon your skin, you pinken... Continue Reading →

Late Night Release

Our bodies intertwine like a figure eight knot I feel you deep within hitting my favorite spot Gripping your thighs as we slowly continue to rock Pressure building to where now I don't want you to stop In and out,... Continue Reading →

Just A Little More

I want just a little bit more... Enough to make my spirit soar. Just give me a little bit more... To make me tremble from my core. Just a little bit more... Before my voice becomes hoarse. So just give... Continue Reading →

Can You Feel It?

Can you feel it? That breeze That slips between Our colliding bodies. Ever so slightly. As you hold me tightly. No loosening grips Just the swaying of hips. The connecting of lips... Can you hear it? Our lovely moans And... Continue Reading →

To The Beat

They watch our bodies move slowly to the beat. Sweat covering us from our head to our feet. Bodies intertwined, swaying with the music. And that song playing now will certainly do it. Slow grinding as if we're at home... Continue Reading →


Subspace. The only place where time and space seems to vacate reality. Suspended. Hanging from above, from the ceiling like a dove contained like a glove, I'm restrained. Masochism. A pinch here a smack there while in the air I... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Love Making

  Oh how I miss those sounds. That sweat dripping from folds of flesh pounding in a synchronous motion to achieve something higher than reality. Those moans of pleasure echoing throughout, bouncing off of the surrounding walls leaving us more... Continue Reading →

Touch Me

Touch me. With those golden hands, you'd melt me with just one graze of your flesh against mine. Take me higher. Be my maestro, orchestrate the sounds leaving me as pleasure takes hold. Play me. Like a flute you play... Continue Reading →

Scent of You

With one intake I'm overwhelmed My lungs fill while my body quivers Taking in you in Filling me with your essence That divine fragrance of you Haunts me. So intoxicating and seductive I salivate at the thought The very thought... Continue Reading →

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