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Betrayal from Within

I lied to myself for so many years thinking I had conquered depression, and the negative thoughts that seem to plague my mind every now and again. The sense of being wrong was not strong enough to portray the feelings... Continue Reading →


It didn't take long for me to become numb towards the pain of starvation, and soon afterwards it was long forgotten. Now it's back and with a desperation that has taken control, leaving me only with forbidden thoughts and desires... Continue Reading →

Noise in the Closet

I’m what many people would consider a “light sleeper.” Any amount of noise around me would awaken me effortlessly, and it’s the main reason I walk around with raccoon eyes. I’ve been to the doctor many times to see if... Continue Reading →


Can you imagine? The warmth from the sun hitting exposed flesh through sheer curtains as we dance between sheets. Can you imagine? The butterflies in your stomach as I whisper to you sweet things, and make you shutter with every... Continue Reading →


I'm grabbing at this fist, wrapped around my throat, stifling my breath, and now hear me choke. Those gagging sounds echo, as my body flails around, and my skin turns colors, before I drop dead to the ground.    ... Continue Reading →

Sweet Like Candy

"Trick or treat, give me something good to eat," I sing at the bedroom doorway with my lace lingerie on. It is Halloween, and instead of dressing up and hitting the bars like we do every year we decided to... Continue Reading →

Ah, the Bullshit

Ah, the bullshit. In which I am allergic to. Where so many find solace in false words. Believing in their own lies, and now they are blind. Ah, the bullshit     via Daily Prompt: Allergic Image: Google Other poetry... Continue Reading →

The Fireplace

The crackling of the fire burning had replaced the screams that were echoing throughout the living room. The silence was so loud that any thoughts you had would be drowned out, but who could think after what happened. A group... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Creature

It appeared before me just a couple of days ago. I was sitting at my computer finishing up the last chapter of this novel I’m writing when something in my peripheral moved. At first I didn’t check to see what... Continue Reading →

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