Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.



Wet Dream

Bubbles dress my naked body as I lie in a pool of lavender scented water. Suds escape into the air, floating with no sense of direction, dissipating once it has reached its lifespan. The soft light of burning candles flicker... Continue Reading →

Sinning For You

A sense of satisfaction swells within me everytime I see you smile Delighted in the fact that I can call you mine. Only mine. Jealousness fills my chest whenever your gaze shifts to another. But I can't help my own... Continue Reading →


With every step, my heart pounds a little faster. Hoping that what's to come doesn't end in disaster. My soul yearns for even a small taste of what you can offer. And hoping that the love we share doesn't stop... Continue Reading →

To Death, No End

In all her longing, she's never ceased to try. To get to him no matter the suffering nor time. She spends eternity trying to get to the end Where their lives together can truly begin. It seems that he is... Continue Reading →

As I Fall

  Catch me as I fall. Right before I hit the ground. I don't fear my death, no more than I crave you and your touch. So catch me as I fall. Wrap your generous arms around me Save me... Continue Reading →


Can you imagine? The warmth from the sun hitting exposed flesh through sheer curtains as we dance between sheets. Can you imagine? The butterflies in your stomach as I whisper to you sweet things, and make you shutter with every... Continue Reading →

No Other

You're like no other with wine stained lips and a raspy voice. And when you break me, I still run back to you with no other choice. You're like a black hole, a magnet to nothing but pure destruction. But... Continue Reading →


You thief, you fraud, you had me fooled. You coward, you swindler, you were so cool. You stole, you left, my chest with a hole. You ass, you prick, now I need to be consoled. You ran, you strayed, yet... Continue Reading →

Until Then

"How many times must I put my heart on the line just to ensure it's inevitable destruction when all it really wants is to be cared for? I used to wallow in sorrow while feeling helpless and weak. One too... Continue Reading →

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