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Dark & Creepy Tales

Through the Window

Every day I travel to work via public transportation. For many individuals it can be a bit of a hassle, but not for me. I am fortunate enough to have to take one train downtown and back every single day.... Continue Reading →

Unwelcome Guest

I’ve invited something in without realizing it. Every night around midnight it’ll come out and wake me from my sleep wanting to play; yet, I haven’t seen it. For the longest time I was terrified, but I guess I’ve grown... Continue Reading →

In Search of Silence

Silence, something I took for granted for a long time and I would do anything to have that right now. A symphony of moans and groans placate my ears from morning to night consistently. If I could have a headache... Continue Reading →

Poisoned By Revenge

The moon was high in the night’s sky without a cloud in sight. Hoots from owls and the songs of crickets rang throughout the dark woods creating a somber mood as my feet continued to beat against uneven ground. Beads... Continue Reading →

The Twist

I always watched her from afar. She was beautiful up close, but there was something about viewing her from a distance. It was like she held this golden aura around her, and it seemed to brighten more with every smile.... Continue Reading →

Beginning of Change

Every day life was a little arid for Natalie. Her life consisted of the same routine from morning to night. Every now and then you'll find her reading a romance novel on a Friday evening with a cup of tea... Continue Reading →


It started happening the beginning of one week during the middle of the night when you’d find me typing away on my laptop. The knocking noises weren’t loud, but in the middle of the night there was dead silence so... Continue Reading →

The Sims

There is this computer game that I love to play after a long day. My husband and children are avid gamers; however, I am not particularly fond of the systems that hold so much of their attention. Lately there has... Continue Reading →

Maiden of the Arctic

Have I told you how cold I've been lately? It feels as if I have been holding ice in my hands, but it's highly unlikely for me to do that. I hate holding or touching anything cold unless it's on... Continue Reading →

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