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Dark & Creepy Tales

Mysterious Creature

It appeared before me just a couple of days ago. I was sitting at my computer finishing up the last chapter of this novel I’m writing when something in my peripheral moved. At first I didn’t check to see what... Continue Reading →


Not Your Average Joe

Hi my name is Joseph Morello. I’m eighty-seven years old and it is almost my time to pass. There isn’t much that I can say about myself other than I have lived a fulfilling life, and now I long for... Continue Reading →

Entry 243: File 01 — sinisterdarksoul

Here's another short horror story by Sinister that I found absolutely intriguing. I'm hoping there is another file our dectective is willing to share with us. Check out his work at Sinister Dark Soul.  I’ve seen quite a few odd things... Continue Reading →

Of the Pond

I can’t really say that I was enjoying myself as I stood in a room filled with loud music and drunken people. Spice Girl by Anime was blasting through the large black speakers that were against the wall. It was... Continue Reading →

Virus: Madness, Final part

The next couple of days were fairly peaceful for me, but I can’t say that for the city of Chicago. News stations worldwide captured the disaster happening, and the public grew anxious and worried. The infection, as they called it,... Continue Reading →

Cloaked Figures

One night I stayed up until the sun rose just to see if they would still be there. Three cloaked figures stood outside my home, and even though their faces were hidden I knew they were watching me watch them.... Continue Reading →

Alleyways: Final Part

Like anything that happens in the news, it gets drowned out by other things happening. Yet this case always came back up as more horror stories appeared in the news. A few months ago, there was a thirteen-year-old girl who... Continue Reading →

Virus: Madness, Part 2

I made a mistake in looking outside my window. There was an old woman who was on the ground being stabbed to death. The blistered infected person on top of her then stopped and took off. My hand covered my... Continue Reading →

Virus: Madness, Part 1

There it was, festering on the calf of my left leg. A blister the size of a dime filled with pus, blood, and something green. You could see my blue veins being pushed to the surface to view. I was... Continue Reading →

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