I thought today would have been another normal snowy day here in Chicago. Although it was cold, warmth filled me as I stared at the falling snow from my window. I had my favorite mug filled with hot cocoa in my hand as I draped a blanket over my shoulders. Snow covered buildings and cars, creating the illusion of mountains. Everything was white as I continued to watch small flakes floating down from the grey sky.

You can hear the wind howling as it coursed through buildings and other structures. It made you feel like it would respond to you if you spoke to it. I looked down towards the street below, and saw no person in sight. Snow was piling up high enough to make everything from the 14th floor look like a plush white quilt. A chill began to form in my spine the longer I continued to stare outside, and decided it was time to step away. That was until I noticed something strange.

Confusion gripped me as I noticed a darkness creeping up from the west. It was like a shadow was swallowing up all of the light. With a glance, I looked at the watch adorning my wrist, and saw that it was only one in the afternoon. I only looked away for a moment, and noticed something odd happening to the snow on the ground outside. You ever feel the breeze caress the glittering water of the lake during summer? How the water creates waves from the soft touch of the wind? It glitters in the sun, coursing miles through the lake before crashing upon the sand. That’s what the snow was like as that chill in my spine turned into terror.

I squinted my eyes at what I thought were snowflakes falling from the sky, and landing on every surface. I was wrong. Terribly wrong. The closer I looked, the more these flakes resembled small bugs with mechanic legs. I thought the cold I was feeling was from the fear that placated me, but it wasn’t. The breeze from the winter air hit my face as I turned to the left where there was a hole gradually getting bigger where one of the windows were. These things were eating away at the window, but that wasn’t the worst of it. Frozen, I stared out the window ahead of me as everything started to disappear around me, and found nothing.

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