There’s been something that I’ve been wanting to talk about for quite some time now. Recently I had moved into my own place on the third floor of an modern apartment building not far from the lake. I come from a large family, and was excited to finally be able to live on my own after having shared a room with one of my youngest brother for about twenty-five years. At first I thought it was just the loneliness and the quiet of the night that was getting to me up until recently. That was when I saw it.


The building I moved into three weeks ago is newly renovated, and all of the previous occupants had moved away which gave the management company some time to make some updates. The apartment building was on four floors high, had a small elevator, and each unit had a small balcony that face Lake Michigan. When one of the leasing agents of the management company were showing the apartments, all unit were available. Since I make pretty good pay, I decided to look at all of the units in the building, and then decide to choose which one called out to me.


Each unit’s layout was pretty much similar as the building only held one bedroom and studio apartments. The walls were colored the standard pristine white color, and the carpeted floors were a periwinkle blue that I wasn’t too fond of. However, I over all like the neighborhood, the easy commute to work, and the fact that it overlooked the lake. After much debate, I decided on the large studio apartment on the third floor. The windows of the unit faced the east which allowed the sun to shine through easily. I like to wake up to the sun every morning.


After I moved in, several other individuals did as well throughout the rest of that week. Everything was fine, and quiet until a week after everyone had settled in. There were no families in the building except for a married couple that lived right above me. The walls were not too thin, but not thick enough to drown out the sounds of the footsteps above, but I grew used to the noise as it was similar to those of my siblings forever running about in my parents’ home.


Now the people above argued like a couple does from time to time. They were usually loud enough for me to make out some of their conversations. One weird things about the building is you aren’t able to hear anything from the units on the same floor as you, but you could clearly hear loud noises from the apartments above and below you.


The first time I heard the arguing couple, it sounded like it came from under me, but the agent confirmed that no one had moved into the unit below me. They stated they left that to be the office of the onsite maintenance crewing during the nine to five business hours. I kept that bit of information in mind in case things ever got out of hand. The arguments with the couple usually started around midnight or sometime after. They’re first one was about whether the woman was having an affair with one of her co-workers. They kept me up until about two in the morning with their screaming and crying.


That same week they ended up arguing late into the night again. The same accusations were in place, but this time you didn’t hear the woman screaming back at her spouse instead you heard crying. This didn’t bug me too much, as again my parents’ household was not the quietest.  After their third argument I slept peacefully with no interruptions.


About a week and a half ago the arguments became more frequent and started disturbing my sleep. The arguments were usually about the husband’s suspicions of his wife infidelity, but now they were about the littlest of things around the apartment. You’d hear the yells and curses from the both of them, and occasionally the sound of glass breaking. After that I called the landlord to complain about my neighbors above, but that was futile.


The landlord all but confirmed with the maintenance man of the building that the apartment above is vacant, and that no one has moved in yet. It troubled me, and made me wonder as to if I was having nightmares, but I was certain I was awake throughout the night when the arguments occurred. Defeated at the response of the landlord, I decided that I would go upstairs and intervene the next time they had an argument.


In the meantime, I made sure to ask every tenant that currently stayed in the building about the apartment above me. All confirmed that they were sure there was no one living in the apartment. The tenant that stayed across from that apartment was a young college girl that moved in from Wisconsin. She stated that she walked past the unit and saw workers painting the walls, and that there was nothing in the apartment.


The two days following the answers the other tenants provided me with were quiet until that night. That night I couldn’t sleep, and stayed up to read a book that I had purchased the other day. I wasn’t due for work the next day, so I had a bunch of free time and ended up reading until after midnight. That’s when I heard his voice.


The couple above were back and yelling. The man accused the spouse of sleeping with a coworker, and stated he had proof. She denied until she suddenly got quiet. She started yelling at him in regards to spending both their money on a private investigator, and that she posed for those photos because she knew he had her followed. After a few more yells from her about wanting to teach him a lesson about his mistrust in her, I heard a loud sound like someone being slapped.


It sounded like there was a tussle, and then there was silence. I heard sobs from the man, and the words that exited his mouth, “Stupid bitch. Look what you made me do!” Immediately, I thought something bad had happened, and jumped up to put my shoes on to confront whatever crime he just committed. It was smart, and I know I should’ve called the cops, but I needed to confirm first that it was not a dream.


The stairs were the quieter route to take as I didn’t want to alert the man to my upcoming presence. It was quiet as I came up to the door and knocked. There was no sound coming from the other side of the door. After several more knocks I decided to try my luck with the door. After one twist of the handle the door opened.


It was pitch black inside with the exception of some dim street lighting entering from the windows. As I walked in, the door behind me closed softly, and that’s when I heard a click. Immediately I went back to the door to open it, but somehow it was locked from inside. After several attempts of unlocking the door I gave up.


I took out my cell phone, and used its flash light. After walking around the apartment a bit, I was shocked to find it completely empty. It was another studio apartment with a walk-in closet that led to the bathroom. As I made my way through the room, I saw something run across my view that ran into the bathroom.


Terror filled me as warning sign went off in my head telling me to turn back and go home. Feelings ignored, I continued forward in hopes of maybe finding something that could explain the couple I’ve been hearing for a while now. I took a look at my phone and found it at two percent, and hoped that it would stay on long enough for me to look in the bathroom and leave.


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