I slowly made my way to the bathroom while aiming my phone’s light on the darkest parts of the room. When I walked in, I noticed how large it was compared to my own; although, the layouts were pretty much the same. After searching all of the bathroom, I was satisfied enough to know there was nothing there. I was almost out when I heard some pitter patter behind me. I immediately turned around almost giving myself whiplash.


With only one percent of my battery left, I searched the bathroom again, and then there it was. The grotesque creature looked about three feet tall as it stood in the far corner where the bath tub sat. Its skin was a pale sickly yellow that reminded me of someone with a bad case of jaundice. Its body looked like a malnourished toddler, and its round head sat on top of a thin neck while its long noodle-like arms dragged behind itself. The eyes were small, black, and beady just above its large mouth that was shaped in the form of an “O” with no teeth.


A scream tried to escape me, but the terror coursing through me disabled my vocals. I cried a silent prayer to my legs in hopes of getting them to move, but I was frozen still. The thing opened its mouth further before the audio of the couple came out. I flashed my light on it, and in that moment two things happened. The creature sprouted razor sharp teeth while hissing at me, and then my phone died.


In an instant I felt something heavy ram into me, and that’s when the screams finally came out. I felt wetness on my arm after the thing bit me. The pain was quick, sharp, and radiated up my entire left arm. Blindly, I fought the creature off until it bit me again in my right leg. The searing pain caused me to cry out as I now began to escape its grasp.


As quick as I could, I ran out of the apartment. The trek down the flight of stairs to my apartment was a painful journey. Blood seeped from my leg and arm leaving a trail of large blood splatters on the floor and stairs. Once I entered my apartment I quickly called the police, and requested an ambulance. It didn’t take them long to get here.


After relaying what happened to the cops, they assured me that they would check out the apartment, and come question me more at the hospital. They began to check the apartment as the paramedics escorted me to the ambulance. While they were treating my wounds, I noticed the lead detective speak with a paramedic. I was positive that it was about me because they both turned to look at me after speaking. It wasn’t long after that they provided me with some pain pills that we made our way to the emergency room.


As soon as we entered the hospital a number of tests were done, and then was provided with a few vaccines to ensure I haven’t caught anything from the bites. Once that was done, I was escorted to a hospital room in the wing of the hospital that struck me as odd. There were patients screaming and crying as a nurse wheel chaired me to my room with a cop tailing him. The pain meds had me a bit drowsy, but not enough for me to not notice the restraints connected to the bed.


“What are those for?” I asked.


The male nurse answered, “I’m sorry. They must have forgot to remove them from when the last patient was here. I’ll try to get them removed as soon as I can. Let’s get you settled in so the detective can question you.”


“He’s here already? We just left the scene.”


“Apparently. Just relax, and I’ll go get him.”


Ten minutes passed as I sat in the white hospital room while an office stood outside the door. The doctor and detective came in at the same time.


“Hi, Ms. Walker, how are you doing?”


“Good officer, did you find that thing?”


Before answering he looked at the doctor, “We didn’t find anything. What we did find was a pocket knife in that apartment’s bathroom with blood on it.”


“What? That doesn’t make any sense. I was there, and there was no knife.”


“I understand that ma’am; however, the knife matches the wounds on your arm and leg.”


“Are you insinuating that I did this to myself? That the noises and that-that monster were all made up!”


The doctor finally spoke up, “Just calm down one moment Ms. Walker. I examined your wounds myself, and I can corroborate with the detective here. Now I have some questions for you.”


“No. No! You can’t be serious! Like what the fuck, I cannot make this shit up!”


“Calm down,” the doctor asked politely. “I understand that this is much to take in. Although, I must ask if there is a history of mental illness in your family.”


“No. No one in my family is mental ill, and I’m not either.”


“I see. Well, I’ll let the detective finish his questions, and then you can get some rest. We have a couple of tests to run still to make sure you don’t develop an infection. Have a good night Ms. Walker.”


The doctor gathered his belongings while the detective finished up his questions. Before leaving he turned back to me and said, “Oh, and before I forget. A doctor Pilsen will be here in the morning to speak with you about your state of mind.” And with that he was gone.


Tears trailed down my face as I struggled to understand why they think I did this to myself. After the detective left, I was alone. The nurse came in late to turn off my lights. It must have been about three in the morning when it happened. I heard the sound of my own voice speaking in the room, but my mouth was shut. My voice was coming from the right of me, and that’s when I screamed. The little yellow monster from the apartment was sitting in the corner by the door with its mouth open with my voice coming from it.


Previously: The Apartment Above: Part 1