A sense of satisfaction swells within me everytime I see you smile

Delighted in the fact that I can call you mine. Only mine.

Jealousness fills my chest whenever your gaze shifts to another.

But I can’t help my own selfishness when it comes to you.

Foolishly, in time, I stopped showering you with my affection.

Carelessly allowing myself to assume you’d remain satisfied with me.

Shamelessly gorging myself on all of your time, energy, and soul,

Yet I still remain insatiable. Always needing to take more every time.

I became too greedy with the longing and need I have for you.

Stuffing myself to the brim until I gag and heave time and again,

But I’ve pushed you to the boiling-point and my peace is gone.

Now I have nothing but fire burning within for your return.


BitterSw33tDreams from Deviant Art

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