I’m at my wit’s end

waiting for this nightmare to end

and for happiness to begin

but it all starts from within.


Not blinded by the light

but drowning in the night

looking for strength in this fight

to escape this plight.


This is more than internal,

moving through to the external

to a form more corporeal

making it feel eternal.


So when strength wins,

and my resolve begins

from workings within

I can be happy again.


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Lately I’ve been feeling a little uninspired to write poetry. This is an attempt at gaining inspiration; however it’s because I am happy. Whenever I write poetry or feel deeply inspired to write, it’s typically during hard times. I connect more on a creative level, when it comes to poetry, when I am sad, depressed, or lonely. But there are times where I connect with feelings of the past based on a memory that can inspire great poetry out of me. Be patient with me. You will have more decent poetry at some point. Until then you have my short stories, prose, and series.