Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.



Sinning For You

A sense of satisfaction swells within me everytime I see you smile Delighted in the fact that I can call you mine. Only mine. Jealousness fills my chest whenever your gaze shifts to another. But I can't help my own... Continue Reading →

Tendencies of the Toxic Me

I have a tendency to make up excuses. I have a tendency to close up when feeling emotionally distressed. I have a tendency to feel like a burden to others when I need to talk. I have a tendency to... Continue Reading →

You Get Me High

Colliding lips create a high better than any Mary-Jane. Sweat from your mahogany skin is sweeter than any brandy I've indulged in. Your moans send me on a psychedelic trip like LSD. Our heart rates increase as if we had... Continue Reading →

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