You’re like no other

with wine stained lips

and a raspy voice.

And when you break me,

I still run back to you

with no other choice.

You’re like a black hole,

a magnet to nothing

but pure destruction.

But when you gaze at me,

I’m drowned in nothing

but your pure seduction.

You are unworthy of me

but as you know

it doesn’t really matter.

Because when you look at me,

that love in your eyes makes

my resolve shatter.

Any strength I muster to

send you away from me

seems to dissolve.

You are the center of my

universe and it is around

you that I revolve.

And like the sun,

you’re hot and I’m

sure to burn.

And it may end me

but it is that heat that

I long for and yearn.


Image: ShutterStock

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