There were visions of bodies being mutilated and torn apart while the howls of a wolf echoed through the sullen night. Scattered body parts of men, women, and children were splayed out in front of me as I started drowning in the blood of my victims. Before my head fully immersed, a black wolf with crimson eyes stared back at me.

I jolted awake from my hellish nightmare. Blurry-eyed, I instinctually reached for my glasses, and found cold wet pavement. With a groan, I sit up and place my face in my hands only to find my glasses sitting on my face. I remove them to rub my eyes, and when I look up my sight is clear.

Looking down, I find dark dried blood where my sweater was ripped at the shoulder; yet, there was no wound. With a glance around I find that I’m still in the industrial area, and as the sun skirts across the horizon. To my right I find my purse and coat neatly folded. There was still no one in sight.

I stand trying to get my bearings together and try to put together the pieces of what happened several hours ago. Nothing appeared in my mind other than a black wolf with golden eyes and then darkness.

Grabbing my things, I check my purse to make sure I wasn’t robbed. I wasn’t. All of my credit cards, money, and phone was in my purse.

The sun was fully in the sky now as I stood at the intersection waiting for an Uber to take me home. The entire ride home I desperately searched my memory for an inkling as to what may have happened to me. Scrolling through the messages in my phone told me that I didn’t make it to that warehouse party last night. So what the hell happened?

Upon entering my apartment, I immediately knew that my roommate, my cousin, wasn’t in at the time. There was something about the smell of the apartment that alerted me to that, but any thoughts on how weird that was immediately left when I entered my room.

I’m an avid candle burner, and the most recently burned candle smelled like vanilla almond chocolate. I burned that over a week ago; yet the smell was so strong that I immediately ran into the bathroom to vomit. After flushing the toilet, I walked over to the sink to brush my teeth. When I looked up it was almost as if a stranger was looking back at me.

My hair is usually thin, and short with tight coils, but now it’s shoulder length, and thick. The small breakout I had on my skin was now clear, my dark spots were gone, and the dark circles I usually sport under my eyes were nonexistent.

Too much has changed at once with no explanation or reason behind it from what I can remember. My panic began to surge as I fell to the floor trying to remember what happened last night. With my eyes closed I only saw short images: a black wolf, the moon, blood, and gold eyes.

I wasn’t sure how long I sat on the bathroom floor crying. I walked back into my room and the strong smell accosted me once more, but this time I inhaled and relaxed. Once the smell didn’t seem as strong anymore, I collapsed on my bed to sleep; however, that was short lived. Our apartment is next to a public train station, and one had gone by. The sound was so loud that it stung my ears, and the pain had given me an instant headache.

After that I could hear just about everything; the cars going by, the cat bellowing next door, and the college kids laughing as they walked through the alleyway near my window. Even the sound of my own beating heart was causing pain.

It took me ten minutes to figure out how to get my hearing back to normal. My body felt tired, and my stomach roared at the sign of hunger, but I’d rather not eat just in case that sense will be intense like the others.

I began to drift off as I lied there staring at the cream ceiling. As soon as I was deep within sleep the nightmares began. It started off with me running through a forest of dense trees. It was night with a full moon hanging in the sky. At first I was enjoying the run, but that’s when I heard it.

It was close enough to the sounds of hoofs beating against wet ground. I didn’t dare look behind me as I continued to run. Terror surged through me giving me every ounce of adrenaline possible to keep me going. My ears focused on the breath of the beast hunting me. It was close.

“You can’t escape me little one!” it snarled, but I kept on going.

As soon as I tripped on the root of a tree I knew that it was going to catch me. I flew three feet forward before hitting wet ground. I was forced to turn over to my back by long claws that broke through my skin. I screamed. The wolf standing over me smiled before sinking its sharp teeth into my abdomen. The last thing I heard before I awoke was its laugh. It sounded so familiar.


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