Every dream that I have had since drinking Bay Daze Bane has started off bright and pleasant, but not last night. It started with me walking down a dark alley while the moon sat high in the sky. There were no street lights, and it was the only thing illuminating my path.


I was walking to an unknown destination, but there was something wrong. I kept looking around with wide eyes and my heart in my stomach. My movements were frantic and uncoordinated so I kept tripping as I struggled to push ahead.


Then a sound so guttural, like it came from the bowels of the devil’s soul, echoed behind me. I dared not look, but started running as fast as I could. Sweat poured from my body as I put forth as much effort as I could to not look behind me and kept running. I exited the alleyway and ran as fast as I could to the only place I saw where there may have been help.


It was a small diner I stumbled in to. Slamming the door behind me and locking it, I searched to see what has been chasing me. There was nothing there.


I looked behind me and there was no one there. The diner was completely empty although the lights were on.


“Hello? Is anyone here?” I called out, but there was no answer.


I found a bathroom after searching for a few minutes. My appearance shocked me. My curly hair was disheveled, dirt and blood was smeared on exposed skin, and my clothes were tattered. Fear was the look I was sporting, but I was more confused on what was happening.


The sound of something crashing pulled me out of my bewildered state. Immediately I go to check to see if someone is there; however, I didn’t encounter someone, but something.


Shook to the core, a scream formed into a knot just to get stuck in my throat and stay there. I couldn’t speak, move, or breathe as I faced the thing that had been chasing me. Crimson eyes glowed with a menace aimed towards me. The beast sported midnight fur that covered its entire body except for the genitals hanging from between its legs. The damn thing stood almost seven feet tall with a mouth sporting hundreds of sharp teeth. Drool hung from its open mouth making it look rabid.


We both stood there staring at one another for what seemed like five minutes. Finally, the courage to run enabled my legs and I took off for the kitchen behind me. I didn’t make it.


The beast slashed my back into shreds causing my screams to rip through the air. I fell to the ground in pain with tears in my eyes as the beast let out this inhuman laugh. It forced me on my back, and my eyes grew wide at how hard it’s member had gotten.


Fear laced through my bones sending a chilling thought to my mind. The thought came to fruition as it shredded the rest of my clothes and forced itself inside of me. The pain from its entry soared through my body, and all I heard were my screams over its grunts.


Upon its completion I woke up in my bed drenched in sweat and blood. Pain bubbled between my legs and back as I sat upright. It was a struggle getting out of bed and to the bathroom. The discomfort was so much that I didn’t realize my broken foot was healed. Out of this entire situation the shocking part isn’t what happened, or how I looked in the mirror. What shook me to my core were the red eyes that stared back at me in the mirror glowing just as the same as the beast from my dream.


Image: Cinema Knife Fight

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