It took a while before I know when I’d enter sleep state known as REM. It’s cycle of sleep where there is rapid eye movement, but that is partially due to the vivid dreams you encounter in this state. At first, I thought it were my dreams that I was experiencing, but never have I experienced dreams in all my twenty-eight years until I turned sixteen. That was also the time where I experienced my first betrayal.

I just turned sixteen on February of 2006 on a cold winter day here in Chicago. My mother allowed me to have a sleep over for celebration, and I invited two friends. Anastasia and Azalea have been my best friends since grammar school, and we were pretty much inseparable. We laughed, ate junk food, and binge watched Charmed till the late hours of the morning.

Blackness was all I knew until vivid and vibrant colors started swirling together forming shapes, objects, and people. I was outside at a park around my home facing the basketball court. The sky was a vibrant pink touched with soft blue hues and purples that stood out in contrast of the bright orange grass. After a glance around, I noticed two people near the swings having a heated argument. I immediately identified who they were; although, they were distorted versions of themselves.

Azalea was raising her voice at, my boyfriend at the time, Devon. I called out to them, but there was no response, and the closer I got I realized that they couldn’t see me. No longer trying to get their attention, I stood there listening to what they were arguing about. Apparently, Azalea wanted an actual relationship with him all while telling him to dump me or else.

Feelings of hurt and betrayal rose within me as I now realized that they have been seeing each other behind my back. Obviously upset, I spent the rest of the time trying to get them to notice me while yelling obscenities at them both. Then everything went black.

When I came to we were all lying on the floor in our sleeping bags together surrounded by empty paper cups and empty bags of chips. I looked at Azalea and smiled realizing that it was all a dream, and that is was my first dream. With that thought easing my mind, I quickly got up to freshen up in the bathroom while they continued to rest.

Fifteen minutes later, I was about to enter my bedroom when I heard them talking. Azalea was talking about the dream she had last night that was similar to what I experienced. My heart stopped when she confessed to Anastasia that she had been seen Devon behind my back. Her sobs echoed, but I couldn’t bring myself to walk in just yet. She cried about how it’s not fair that someone as plain and boring as I am had gotten the hot guy.

It wasn’t long after that did her words turn harsher. Claims of only being my friend because I had money hit me through the slightly ajar door. My slowly broke at every harsh confession she made. I thought she was my best-friend, and the one that I was closest to. Nothing was ever the same after that.

As time went on, I learned what is that I’m able to do. I’m a Dream Walker; someone able to slip into someone’s subconscious in a relaxed state. After tons of research, and chats with individuals on online forums like myself, I quickly learned that part of being a dream-walker is also having the ability to lucid dream. It’s a state where the person is aware of dreaming and have the skill to control their own dreams. And after many attempts I have become skilled enough to control other people’s dreams.

These abilities have kept me out of trouble, and I have avoided heartbreak and betrayal on numerous occasions. As I stand on top of a building a mile away from the Pentagon, I can’t help but recall the many individual’s dreams I had to enter and manipulate to get the details necessary for my current mission.

I wait for my team to instruct me on their positions as I glance at the building through binoculars. It’s cold out, but the latex leotard I have on protects me from the harsh winter. It took me a while, but I finally found a seamless way to break into the Pentagon, and gain access to the nuclear codes. This year will definitely end in a bang.


Image: Nick Keller

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