You know those nights where

sleep eludes you?

When your eyes beg to close

but they choose not to?

My therapist taught me a

little trick to help begin,

That when I lay down just

sit back and count to ten.

I was a little skeptical

at first.

It was then in her office

we began to rehearse.

She told me to lay back

and close my eyes.

And to imagine something

flying through the sky.

I couldn’t think of anything

so I let my imagination soar.

I started counting as asked and encountered

something I’ve never seen before.

A pale beautiful man with crystal eyes

stared at me with a smile on his face.

I hope he didn’t hear like I heard;

that my heart had started to pace.

As soon as I got to ten he had

vanished; disappeared.

So every night before I go to bed

I make sure to count to ten.

Just to get some sleep

and then see him again.

by: Grim Angel

Image: from  Deviant Art


via Daily Prompt: Ten