You forced your way into my


You’re unwanted here and cause

nothing but strife.

I no longer feel safe with you

looming around.

Secretly moving about at night,

not making a sound.

It is only at night when I sleep

that you come to visit.

In hopes to catch me in the moment

of looking explicit.

Even when it’s day it feels like you

are here.

No matter where I am it feels

like you’re near.

But it’s time that I took my freedom

back from you.

I wore a lacy negligee that was almost

see through and blue.

With hopes to stir you and lure

you in.

I pretended to sleep in an arousing


My hand was forced when the cops

were of no use.

Now it’s time I put a stop to this

mental abuse.

Finger on the trigger of what’s tucked


I’m hoping you’ll be enticed enough to

wanna come play.

Your icy hands crawl their way up

my skin.

I want to scream, but I have to wait;

can’t let my patience wear thin.

You rip my clothing to shreds as we fight,

and force open my legs.

Before you tried to enter me, I put three

bullets into your head.


Image: Pulled from Google