Since stepping inside this tomb, I have been stumbling and fighting to hold my balance. It’s even more of a challenge since I am roaming through the dark with nothing but the flash light in my left hand. Smells of mold and dust permeates the air making it hard to breathe properly. With all these issues you’d think it would deter me from my current goal. It doesn’t. It makes me all the more eager to continue roaming through such a narrow and vast structure in hopes of obtaining the one thing that brought me here.

It’s been at least over an hour since I’ve left my study group back at the camp. We were preparing to go explore a nearby cave for an archaeology project here in Cairo; however, my plans were not of that nature. For years I’ve studied about genies and the different objects that they could be contained in. The stories I’ve read talked about them granting numerous wishes of any nature as long as you can accept the consequences. After years of research I finally found some information pertaining to a magic lamp in one of the many caves in Cairo. It was just my luck that the cave mentioned in my research happened to be near one of the escapades that the university was funding.

The sun had set not too long after we made it to our camping ground and set up. Since it was late, the professor in charge decided that we go at the break of dawn. It took a while for most of the students to fall asleep. I gather they were too excited to sleep, which didn’t work in my favor. It was  almost two in the morning before I was able to sneak off to the Cave of Wonders. I took a few things with me: a flash light, my bag, a bit of research, and a hunter’s knife.

I reached the end of this long tunnel with no other way to go but back from wince I came. For about ten minutes I search for anything in the general area that would lead way for some kind of entrance to another part of the cave. Out of frustration I kicked the wall and ending up losing my flashlight on the way down some hole that opened at my feet. Although my screams were loud, they wouldn’t be heard from anyone perusing nearby.

It took a while to get to my feet after hitting the ground. Once I had my bearings in order, I looked around and saw nothing but darkness. Like a fool I yelled hello out into the pitch black. I didn’t expect anything, but was answered with flames appearing on the torches that were on the wall. I carefully tiptoed over to grab one to help guide me in my exploration. The air was a bit thin which meant that I was down further than I was before falling through that hole. I took a look around to gather the things that scattered about and moved forward. Ahead there was another small tunnel like hall with torches on the walls.

This eerie feeling took hold of me as cold shivers assaulted my body. The more I moved through the hall, the colder it got. Slowly, I made my way to the end before having to turn right just to be met with another dead end. With a heavy sigh I leaned against the wall to take a breath and think. It was warm. It was strange to find this being the only wall here that’s warm. Frantically, I looked around searching for something. The torch that was right of me on the wall looked a little different than the others. I pulled it and the warm wall slide aside leading me to a fully lit room. My jaw dropped open at the sight of gold, silver, and different jeweled objects. Then there it was in the middle of the room, the lamp of Alibaba.

I stared at it in disbelief. It was a teapot shaped golden object that was adorned with different colored sapphires and rubies. There was a scripture in Arabic on the mouth of the lamp. It read: Beware of the Djinn, as it could lead you to your end. The legends are not as they say. Put this down and go far away. Heed my warning, for if you decide to ignore all that you’ve read. You and many others will soon end up dead.


This story is inspired by the Disney movie Aladdin, but you won’t find a lot of similarities.

Image: Wikia