“Every day I go to war with my inner demons. Those vile entities that try to consume me and render me dead. No, not physically dead, but spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I suffer from depression but isn’t as bad as most people’s anymore. I made a vow to continue to fight the negativity that came along with everyday life. I’m just one woman standing against many demons and continue to persevere through every battle.

There was this one time I almost lost the war, but something stopped me. I can’t say if it was God or my subconscious telling me not to lose; I didn’t. Even trudging through the darkest days on bloody knees and a broken soul, I never gave up. I’ve lost many battles against my demons, but never the war. I found something worth fighting for. Me.” by Grim Angel


Image: Hiduth

Back story: I suffer from depression, but I am doing much better now. There was a bad time in my life where I was filled with self-hatred, sadness, lack of purpose, negativity, low self-esteem, etc. It was around the time where I went through a series of unfortunate events that almost made me give up in the worst way possible. Not suicide though. Something else. Something that would have made me lose my soul and not have one care. Something had stopped me though. I want to believe it was God, because the love I have for my family didn’t even come to mind at that time. I vowed to never get to that state again, but I do go through depression. I try to not be depressed for more than one day. I go through this thing where I have to accept and acknowledge my emotions and other things before I can let go and get better. I make this process one day. Meditation, self-care, and prayer helped me a lot along with the support of those I opened up to. Even at this moment, I’m fighting.