“When I fell for you it was like falling into a pit of fire. It burned and scorched me in ways I couldn’t explain, and yet my skin remained unmarred. The only thing I could see and feel was the brand you left of yourself on my heart. No matter how hard I tried, it was more painful trying to rid myself of the stain you left behind.

I was fooled into believing that what I felt was truly love. They said love is pain, and because I went through the worst of it…I believed them. Truth is you’re as toxic as a chemical spill. The falsities that falls from your lips breeds poison in the air that can kill even the strong of heart

I survived it though. I found clarity as if I was caught in the eye of the storm. That peace was enough to know that I could do without you, but I had to prepare for the rest of the storm. Our whirlwind of a love has come to its end. The only thing this has taught me is that I can weather any storm no matter how disastrous.” -by Grim Angel


via Daily Prompt: Disastrous

Image: BelleDeesse