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Love of Storms

"When I fell for you it was like falling into a pit of fire. It burned and scorched me in ways I couldn't explain, and yet my skin remained unmarred. The only thing I could see and feel was the... Continue Reading →


I can see the trail your fingers left as you gently caressed my skin. The imprint of your hand on my jawline lingers from when you titled my head up to you. I can still feel the plushness of your... Continue Reading →


Strong arms surround me, captures me in a strong hold. Grip firm like you're afraid, afraid of losing me. I bathe in you, inhale you like the scent of maple and wood. Rain showers hold no key to the way... Continue Reading →

Drunken Love

Touch me, don't tease me. Place me on a pedestal and feed me; No lies, but truth wrapped around you like a grapevine. Like wine, help lower my inhibitions and enjoy the fruitful joy you offer. Ravage me to a... Continue Reading →

Night Games

"He sat there perched on the edge of the roof scanning the dark area ahead of where she was treading. The street lights in that area were out, but with a flick of his finger he made sure that any... Continue Reading →

Sewn Together

You're no doctor with an outstanding medical degree. Your trembling hands so ever careful to not do more damage. Even with sweaty palms you made sure that the needle never slipped. Imperfect zig zags of threaded patterns are etched in... Continue Reading →

In Wait

At night I lay awake, staring at the ceiling and thinking of our fate. How I long for thee, but I am fairly certain that thee isn't ready for me. My heart, it aches for more, for you, but I... Continue Reading →

At the Cusp

It's getting to that time where we have a decision to make. Where we have to choose the path we feel the need to take. Our time was long and hard, but there is something overdue. And that is the... Continue Reading →

At the Stroke of Midnight

You'll find me waiting patiently, eyes searching the dark shadows for your figure to appear before me. Fortune has led to this moment when our luck was at its lowest, but now greatness lies ahead. At the stroke of midnight... Continue Reading →

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