“He sat there perched on the edge of the roof scanning the dark area ahead of where she was treading. The street lights in that area were out, but with a flick of his finger he made sure that any area she tread upon was illuminated. The moon was high, but the cloud prevented any type of light to shine down on the darkened streets. It was dark enough for him to swoop in close, flying from roof to roof as he watched her. There was a time where his heart lurched forward in fear and anticipation when he caught her staring in his direction as if she knew he was there. He remembered the brief smile that placated her ruby lips before turning away. He always made sure to remain hidden from her.

She walked slowly towards the darkened area of the street where the lights were out. It took all of her might to not engage with him. Somehow she knew he didn’t want her to spot him, so she always remained calm. The breeze of the air and the swooping sound she heard periodically was her only way of knowing he was there watching over her, protecting her. Purposely she walked towards the darkened area waiting for him to light the way. She wondered when he’d show himself to her, the one she was secretly in love with. She can recall one night where she dared to take a glance at him as he was perched on one of the roofs. As grotesque his outer appearance was, she found him to be quite beautiful. She smiled before turning away in hopes he’d had noticed her noticing him.” -by Grim Angel


Image: from Pintrest