Our bodies intertwine like a figure eight knot

I feel you deep within hitting my favorite spot

Gripping your thighs as we slowly continue to rock

Pressure building to where now I don’t want you to stop

In and out, back and forth, you slowly drive me insane

Knowing that this all apart of your insufferable game

Increasing the tempo, my lips part with a whisper of your name

Then a shockwave hits, my body shakes, I come…no, I came

But that doesn’t slow you down as I try to catch my breath

You flip me over, and firmly massage my ample chest

Licking and sucking on each spot that you know the best

Before spreading my legs to view the wetness of my previous mess

With a groan from your lips you force me onto my knees

Ask me to arch my back fully with a seductive pretty please

You grab the back on my neck before entering with ease

Then pound me fast and hard till you fill me with your seed

Image: Unknown artist, pulled from:


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