Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.


Erotic Poetry

On Fire

Let those flames lick my skin and send chills through my spin. Warm this cold soul up with hot kisses that'll singe me. The forbidden curves and angles of this form begs to be heated by your balmy hands. Set... Continue Reading →

Drunken Love

Touch me, don't tease me. Place me on a pedestal and feed me; No lies, but truth wrapped around you like a grapevine. Like wine, help lower my inhibitions and enjoy the fruitful joy you offer. Ravage me to a... Continue Reading →

Anxious Desire

Twitching, shifting, shaking as I sit waiting for what's about to transpire.   Palms wet, clammy, slick from all of this held in desire.   Eyes stare, gaze, search your familiar curves as they are exposed.   I twitch, shift,... Continue Reading →

Playful Tongue

Our tongues dance a familiar dance while our bodies create music. Intense moans increase with every perverse lick. Chocolate doesn't even leave a taste sweeter than this. That bud between folded flesh seeks a turn with this tongue. Another partner... Continue Reading →

Just A Taste

Open up and give me a little more so I can quench my thirst. Don't think too much on our actions no matter how perverse. Let me taste your delicate life and fill my aching belly. Anything that you desire... Continue Reading →

Music of the Night

Like the sound of beating drums my heart palpitates just for you. Let the hum of our moans crescendo and add to the harmony of our souls. Let the rhythm of our grinding hips create a sound far more pleasurable... Continue Reading →

You Get Me High

Colliding lips create a high better than any Mary-Jane. Sweat from your mahogany skin is sweeter than any brandy I've indulged in. Your moans send me on a psychedelic trip like LSD. Our heart rates increase as if we had... Continue Reading →

Carnal Behavior

Red hot moans of blazing passion burn through the air in pleasure. You cream with joy as I explore your cave until I find the treasure. Jewels of sweat drifts slowly down every inch of our bodies. It becomes too... Continue Reading →

Moon Sea

Watch my form sway beneath the beam of the moon. Let the motion of my figure entice you and get you wetter than any sea. Pursed wet lips cover your body in heart shaped runes. Look me in the eyes and... Continue Reading →

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