Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.



Under the Moon’s Glow

I feel a slow burn building within Tightening my muscles, hurting my skin I stare at the sky knowing what's about to begin The unfurling of desires filled with sin My body contorts, I hunch over in pain I fall... Continue Reading →

Fray of the Moonlight Night

"You watch as this nimble fingers course their way through the different fixtures and buttons riddled on your blouse. One by one they come apart exposing measures of golden flesh that radiates from the sheen of your sweat and the... Continue Reading →

The Pack

We run through the emerald field shouting and yipping from the top of our lungs. Howling obscenities to the luminescent disc in the sky among our beings. You can feel the freedom flowing between limbs as our paws beat against... Continue Reading →

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