Grim's Crypt

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In the Night, Shadows

No one ever believes the fool who speaks on the matters of the supernatural. For years I have been preaching to people about the return of the shadow people. They've plagued my nightmares for years, only increasing as their return... Continue Reading →

Four Eyes: Gargoyle Edition-Part 1

It’s been almost a week since the fire I started for the ghost that asked for my help. It felt good to help her, but I still haven’t found out what’s going on with me. Everything else in my life... Continue Reading →

Four Eyes: Ghost Edition

My life seemed to go back to normal after witnessing what I called the reaper. It took a few days to calm down before I could do some research into what I saw. The things I came across on the... Continue Reading →


With the swing of her hips, and the pursing of her full lips, you'd gaze into her eyes and peep her soul in which you'd drown in tales untold.   You'd see forbidden things, pleasures only life could bring, you'd... Continue Reading →

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