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short story

Baked Goods, part 1

The smell of baked goods and coffee awakens me almost at five in the morning every day since the new bakery around the corner opened up. The neighborhood we’re in is pretty small, and doesn’t have much traffic, but the... Continue Reading →

Wet Dream

Bubbles dress my naked body as I lie in a pool of lavender scented water. Suds escape into the air, floating with no sense of direction, dissipating once it has reached its lifespan. The soft light of burning candles flicker... Continue Reading →

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days where I couldn’t continue to pretend to be the bubbly person everyone wants me to be. Hiding the pain behind a smiling mask filled with fake energy to avoid those unwanted questions. Are you... Continue Reading →

The Apartment Above: Part 1

There’s been something that I’ve been wanting to talk about for quite some time now. Recently I had moved into my own place on the third floor of an modern apartment building not far from the lake. I come from... Continue Reading →

Dream Walker

It took a while before I know when I'd enter sleep state known as REM. It's cycle of sleep where there is rapid eye movement, but that is partially due to the vivid dreams you encounter in this state. At... Continue Reading →

For the Night: final part

I almost started drooling at the site of him. Hard well-defined muscles on smooth mocha enriched skin glistened in the light. Looking him up and down, my body respond with me spreading my legs giving him a view of the... Continue Reading →

Not Your Average Joe

Hi my name is Joseph Morello. I’m eighty-seven years old and it is almost my time to pass. There isn’t much that I can say about myself other than I have lived a fulfilling life, and now I long for... Continue Reading →

Unwelcome Guest

I’ve invited something in without realizing it. Every night around midnight it’ll come out and wake me from my sleep wanting to play; yet, I haven’t seen it. For the longest time I was terrified, but I guess I’ve grown... Continue Reading →

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