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The Change: Part 1

It’s cold and dreary as I walk the cold stone path that goes through the industrialized area of the Pilsen neighborhood. There isn’t another soul in site except for the occasional scurry of a rat crossing my path. I look... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 4

When I got to the homeless shelter my supervisor immediately pulled me to the side. He told me of what occurred outside the shelter last night with tears in his eyes. We walked over to where a couple of cops... Continue Reading →

Four Eyes: Gargoyle Edition-Part 1

It’s been almost a week since the fire I started for the ghost that asked for my help. It felt good to help her, but I still haven’t found out what’s going on with me. Everything else in my life... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 3

It’s now months later and I haven’t heard anything from the cops. I did a fair good job of the cleaning; I’m just hoping that nothing leads back to me while I figure out what is going on. A violent... Continue Reading →

Isabella: Final Part

I dried my fake tears and carefully grabbed my phone remembering the poison that I coated the sharp points of the small sculpture there. I quickly checked the weather to make sure that the storm was going to hit soon.... Continue Reading →

Cave of Wonders: Part 4

Sara glanced around the cave in awe as I quietly searched the area for the djinn. He was nowhere in sight and I had to thank daylight for that. It was high noon before we ran into anything that remotely... Continue Reading →

Four Eyes: Ghost Edition

My life seemed to go back to normal after witnessing what I called the reaper. It took a few days to calm down before I could do some research into what I saw. The things I came across on the... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 2

Panic surged from my core to my throat as I frantically looked at everything that was covered in blood. Thoughts of the night before played through my mind, but there was no evidence of what happened after I fell asleep.... Continue Reading →

Isabella: Part 4

Stella liked to read and in her room were a number of dusty old books on a shelf. One was actually the trip to a secret door behind the mirror that was sitting on one of the walls. If you... Continue Reading →

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